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hypothetical science question

For a small sample that would be true, but if you have an entire body not all samples will have degraded in the same way, so you can probably piece togetehr what the orriginal DNA was...
getting DNA off of a relic that old is much less likely...

It doesn't work that way Silver. I've never heard of anything more than a few scraps of mitochonrial DNA being pulled from a corpse half the age of the one you're proposing. And if, as you yourself admit, you can't get a good baseline from the relics that have a very good chance of being fake even if we accept the tenets of your scenario.

Yeah, well it's not a *good* chance of confirmation, but at least it is just outside the realm of the completely impossible.

Honestly, you're basically waiting for a miracle at that point. Can we wrap this up now?

Personally I'm suprised the thread hasn't already been closed since we have thoroughly covered the subject and its primary use now seems to be for religious trolls.


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