calling all evil-doers

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calling all evil-doers

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hello, Magius here with another awesome game.
Game info is below,
but i would like to point out that i can teach people the rules for OD&D if needed.


Game Description:

The world is about to be taken over by evil...
And you are to help, whether you like it or not.

Tirium has declared war upon Querinia, which has scared most Querinians who think the Tiriuans are evil.
The main idea of your parties job is to be taking over castles, setting fire to towns and generally spreading chaos throught Querinia. But all this cant be done until there IS a party. No one is brave enough to face the Querinians, who despite being meek are quite good fighters in battle.

This campaign is set in my own world, Hovenfell. And compared to my two others also set in Hovenfell, this is in the future. After what happens in those fore mentioned games.

So, "evil" campaign? I have to try and find the OD&D books to whip something up for this

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