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Character Class: Puppet Master

The blood magus homebrew you linked seems like it was based on the original Blood Magus prestige class (first printed in Tome and Blood, then later updated for Complete Arcane).

That said, the original "Blood Component" ability allowed the character to take damage to pay for costly material components, but was later edited to only allow as substitution for non-costly material components. I assume this is because being able to take easily-healable damage in lieu of shelling out hundreds or thousands of gold pieces per casting of a spell makes some of the more costly spells suddenly very very cheap to cast.

It's not a BAD idea. But the cost needs to remain a deterrent of spamming highly powerful spells, and damage just doesn't do that in a world where you can carry around a pile of CLW wands. Personally, I'd switch some of the levels and effects around on the ability.

Level 2: Reduce metamagic costs by taking 1 point of damage per metamagic level to be reduced (cannot reduce metamagic costs lower than 1 level per metamagic used).

Level 7: Pay for costly materials with Constitution damage, paying 1 CON for every 50gp (minimum 1).

Level 14: Pay for exp costs with Constitution drain, paying 1 CON for every 100 exp (minimum 1).

Constitution Drain seems like quite the evil deterrent for only being able to get to 4th level spells D;
Granted, I'm sure that's when quite the amount of sub-par brokenness can happen, but Argh if it doesn't hurt my soul thinking about potentially killing myself just by making a scroll or casting some spell I have yet to find in the SpC.

Also, the Metamagic fix your proposing is basically making it possible to cast Metamagic that bumps up a spell 3 levels can be reduced to only a 1 level bump? Just making sure I'm reading that correctly.

Constitution Drain can still be fixed with a Restoration spell, but the fact that you can't just sleep it off is what makes it a deterrent to spamming spells with an exp cost. Unless the GM lets you stock up on staves of restoration, but that's a playstyle issue.

As for the metamagic, yes that's what I'm saying. Though admittedly, it might be better to double the damage taken, because with a Con-based class, 1 damage per level of metamagic reduction is like a drop in the bucket.

I tried it out yesterday, the Damage taken for Metamagic that is. Quite scary... I almost didn't want to use it simply because the rogue got too close to me and managed to get off a sneak attack D;

Yeah see, the thing about metamagic is that it's almost useless without reducers, but with reducers it can be extremely powerful. The RAW reducers in d&d 3.5 right now make metamagic builds kind of silly powerful, because they don't really cost the caster anything to use (not to mention the fact that you can reduce metamagic costs to zero).

But as long as they cost something to use (in this case, hit points), then they should be fine. It gives a little bit of a risk/reward factor, without making them so situational as to be useless.

I've never dabbled with Metamagic before, never suited my interest to be honest, but after looking some over again and thinking of the combinations it seemed fair enough to include such options so as not to become PunPun the Puppet Monstrosity.

Speaking of monstrosities I alerted myself with another stick in the mud problem upon being creative again. Human Puppets.

There is no MM entry for them in which to create them, I already glossed over it by stating they'd get D10's equal to the Class Levels and Non-Elite scores, but after that I can't see them being useful. My friend considered limiting them to -5 of the Puppet Master Class levels to give them their own Classes, essentially like toting around Leadership, but I didn't like the idea if only because my brain registered the word 'Leadership'. It only came up because a featless Human, even buffed with some magic and items is still well... crappy.

Any ideas?

I wrote this up recently as a starting point.

Human Puppets

If a Puppet Master so chooses he can create a Human Puppet rather than a Monstrous creation. If he so chooses to create such a puppet they are considered Medium sized and given a set of Non-Elite abilities. As Humans they gain their Bonus feat and are allowed to take either Monk or Fighter as their class, as if they were a level one character. However, as constructs they do not gain experience with their Puppet Master and cannot progress outside of the listed tables.

The puppets also gain the listed special abilities through their ascension into a class. This means the puppet begins with an option of 3 feats if created as a Fighter and the listed abilities of a Monk if that is the path chosen for it. Additionally, a Fighter Puppet gains a competence bonus of +1 to their BAB bonus as it is made specifically for the aspect of fighting at the beck and call of their creator.


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