Help support small business

Chase and Living Social have teamed up to give out some much needed grants to small businesses. Those businesses need to fill out an application and then get 250 votes by June 30 (tomorrow) in order to move on to business review. I'm asking you all to go out and support your local business by voting for them. And, if you don't mind, voting for the business that I'm affiliated with as well. You need a Facebook account and then go to:
Then select login and support
There will be a thank you popup window that will disappear
The next page lets you search for businesses by name or by location.
Enter the name or location and select the search button.
The associated businesses will appear at the bottom. Select the vote button for each business you want to support.

I'm affiliated with Viable Lumber in Florida. We take trees that are being taken down due to storms or insurance reasons and give that wood a second life as lumber and other finished products. These trees would otherwise be chipped into mulch and fill our landfills. It is a wonderful business and this grant would take us to the next level. As of this posting we need another 75 votes in 24 hours. Thank you in advance for your consideration.