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What to do with a fighter/OotB Initiate's Ancestral Bow

What to do with a fighter/OotB Initiate's Ancestral Bow

I am playing a young military bowman who has been tasked with protecting the party's cleric.

The kid's mother was a priestess of Ehlonna and his father was a captain of the guard, and he joined the party after being at his first post for only a month. (Impressed the lord who hired the rest of the party.) My influence was (loosely) the sniper character from Saving Private Ryan, just with a little less religious monologue. Even took the same name, only noticed the correlation to the guy in stargate a year later. lol

At level 4, I replaced my bow and took Ancestral Weapon. While I have yet to find a place to upgrade the weapon (in the wilderness), I kinda want to plan it out in advance.

Unfortunately I cant really figure out how this system works... Not to mention the fact I cant figure out what to put onto the bow.

It is currently a Elvencraft MW Composit Longbow (Sr.3).

And I plan on taking the feats Woodland Archer, Ranged Disarm, and Ranged Pin. As well as whatever the feat was that allowed me to shoot through everything in a line. So any enhancements to the bow would need to go well with those.

Any advice on what to put on the bow?

I heard that feats could be attached to weapons, but I cant find the rulings for it. Would that be a possible upgrade? To put some of the feats I want onto it?

I forget the name of the enhancement, but it's core. It allows your arrows to ignore armour bonuses to AC, which might be nice.

Brilliant Energy is probably what you're thinking of, but it can only be placed on melee and thrown weapons, as well as ammunition. Ranged weapons cannot have this particular property.

Originally Posted by from the Archery Handbook
Phasing (+2 price, ammo only) [DR330 Pg. 67]
Phasing ammunition passes through single solid obstacle at most 5' thick (how it interacts with magical barriers like Wall of Force and Prismatic Wall is not mentioned; ask your DM). I seriously don't need to tell you how useful it is to be able to shoot through walls, right? It also passes through shield if there's no cover, or armor if there's no cover or shield, but that's not really of interest here. You obviously buy stacks of these and use them when you need to shoot at someone past a wall. Of course, it's annoying that it's only ammunition but seriously, even if you shoot 50 arrows a turn, getting a bunch of these is worth it for when you're faced with any target behind an obstacle.
Link to thread.
Link to specific post (scroll down)

So I think I got it figured out. I need to pay off the cost difference between the existing weapon and what I want it to be. Now I just need to figure out how to calculate the price of the bonuses. lol

Are Keen, Merciful, and Speed usable on the same bow? And how much do they each cost? 0_o

Keen isn't worth it, I don't think. You're doubling a tiny crit range. You're better off adding another damage die (say, Shocking).

That being said, I'd look at Seeking (SRD) and Force (MIC), because both are very good on an archer. Seeking allows you to ignore concealment, Force allows you to ignore DR, Wind Wall and makes it so you can hit incorporeal.

As far as adding enchantments... to start, you need to add a +1. That costs 2 000gp (because you already have the weapon). Then, you can start adding enchantments. From this, Speed costs 30 000gp. (From +1, Merciful or Keen costs 6 000gp.) So, now you have a +1 Bow of Speed that costs 32 000gp+the cost of the weapon. Adding Merciful or Keen costs 18 000gp, for a total of 50 000gp. This gives you a +1 Merciful Bow of Speed. Another 22 000gp gives you the last +1 enchantment, for a +1 Keen Merciful Bow of Speed for 72 000 gp+weapon cost.

Wow... Spending a day meditating for every 1k gold cost...

The DM says our characters are expected to spend quite a while moving through the wilderness, almost a year I think. That means I'll have to either wait, or ask the players to camp out for several months... lol

Hopefully we'll be able to find some hallowed ground so I don't need to cleric to keep casting consecrate twice a day...

Also, my character's current range increment is 165 (or something like that), if the maximum distance I can target is 10x, then thats over 1k feet away! (rounding down)

IIRC, when I take Order of the Bow Initiate, my character will be able to double that range. Thats 3k!

Can my character even see that far? If not, is there a way to make that distance usable? It would be nice to be able to pick a target off at 3k away. lol

Well, without True Strike, it would be difficult, since every range increment beyond the first is an increasing -2 to your attack roll.

Douvle checked, OotBI doesnt double my range, I think I was thinking of its prereq of far shot which was already accounted for in the 165.

Or maybe I confused the class with Deepwood Sniper, I know it gets some range bonuses.

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