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Looking for a system...

I know this won't exactly answer your question, but rather than look for that game that accomodates that setting. You might want to see which system you can teach your players that will go ok with the game and setting and they won't spend hours debating how does it work, why it is bothering, why the hell can't I hit anything, HP, etc etc.

Alternatively, do a small run of the system you want to use before shoving them straight into the real game.

I would say NWOD (new world of darkness). They have everything a person ever needs. You can keep all the skills and make normal WOD chars that can be fantasy themed or future. They have the books for future and weapon stats for the fantasy like weapons. You can also have people play as Mages if you want magic users. Its very open in what you can do with it!

Also you know use D20 modern and dungeons and dragons if you would like. Not really a different system. =D hope this helps!

You should check out Savage worlds, like GURPs, it is a generic system you can modify to fit any setting and Savage Worlds is incredibly easy to learn and modify.


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