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Custom droid assistance.

Custom droid assistance.

I have begun to take an interest in Star wars saga edition, and seeing as how I have some of the books i thought I might try a hand at learning it. The system itself is fairly easy to get along with (Though I have by no means finished the core book) it is however the Creation of Droid characters that is catching me up.

They have no constitution score and this I am familiar with from other games, this means they are a bit low on the Health points and what not. However since they are droids and cannot choose force feats or classes, what do you do with the force points gained from your Heroic class? Do you mark them down or do you just omit them? Neither the Scavengers guide to droids or the Core book says anything I can find on that subject.

there is also a problem with being simply unable to figure out how to get the character done correctly with what systems. Here is the basic Droid concept.

TK-42 is a Security droid re-purposed as a Pilot droid, the owner who re-purposed him was a Smuggler so he never bothered to give him a memory wipe or clear out any of the Security systems that were integrated in the droids chassis. He did however remove the grenade inside of the Spring loaded mechanism. He then later made modifications to the droid. (This explains me using the droids start credits on purchasing some systems/accessories)

The basics of this droid are as follows:
1. All additions to the droid must be/are concealed within the chassis to maintain a non threatening and light weight appearance.
2. The droid was built around pacifying threats before physical harm could be caused.
3. Weapons are to be close range and useable when the main hands are otherwise occupied.

I'm not sure I am doing this all correctly so I will post my starting gear here before I attempt to go any further along the character creation line.


To clarify a bit. I am asking if the liscenceing rules apply to the costs of the items added with the base 1000 credits allowance given to a droid to complete his chassis. Also I am wondering if I purchased the correct type of internal compartment storage for a fold out shoulder mounted pistol system.

First off, droids use force points just like any other non-force sensitive character. The only creatures that don't get force points are races completely untouched by the force like the sii-ruusk and the yuuzhan vong, or charactersw who only have levels in the beast and nonheroic classes.

You do not apply licensing fees to the systems added to your droid through the 1000x size modifier, as these fees are assumed to have been taken care of by your creator.

There is one thing I have to point out that you may not have thought of. The pulse-wave pistol you have purchased were replaced by blasters as of 3,956 BBY, and production was haulted on these weapons. If you're not playing in the knights of the old republic era, your gm might say that the weapon is completely unavailable. If he does allow it, you'd have to apply to Antiquated Weapon template to it, and than use the mechanics skill to give it the Refitted Weapon template. Both these templates can be found on page 100 of the Legacy Era Campaign Guide.

Thank you so much. I was worried about the liscenceing costs as.. well the items I chose for TK were just at 1000 cred.

Now the only nit pick Im having is the correct compartments.. but Im betting thats not so big of an issue as my mind is making it.

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