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Newbie Assistance: Making Kirby in M&M

Newbie Assistance: Making Kirby in M&M

My friend/DM has recently decided to try some M&M, and after reading over the handbook, I decided coming here might be a good idea to get some help and suggestions in creating my character concept in the game. All suggestions welcome.

My concept is going to actually be Kirby, from the Kirby's Dreamland games. My idea was that it would actually be Kirby, transported through a warp gate from Pop Star to the "real world". He's a hero because he's well used to fighting evil, but he's having to deal with both the attention from his odd appearance, having to learn the language, and the fact that in the real world, people look down on someone sucking an enemy into the pocket dimension inside their stomach and swallowing them to steal their abilities... considering that when Kirby does that in most of his games (Super Smash Bros. exempt), the enemies vanish, never to reappear again, so who knows WHERE they go. :P

I'm 100% new to the system, so both builds and explanations of why you would chose one option over another would be appreciated.

Neat idea! I'm going to assume you're using M&M3e.

From a mechanical perspective, I'd recommend a build that centers around a ranged afflicition that does something like dazed/stunned/transformed. This to me is the vacuum power that targets a single individual, and they kinda freeze up or spend their action trying not to get sucked in, until finally they do.

Then, I'd also have a chunk of points spent on the Variable power, with the descriptor being that it only gives you powers based on the traits of the last person you transformed. You could also put an Alternate Power on that for the "star blast" power that he gets when he spits someone out, which would be Limited so that it could only be used if someone has been "swallowed".

Then you throw on your defenses and some kind of leaping/flight/movement (slow fall) powers and you're golden.

PS. You're going to have to expect that your PC is only able to swallow minions, just like in the games he's not going to be able to swallow bosses. You don't have to do anything special in your build, since your GM will just use Complications to ensure that the Big Bad doesn't get swallowed by your PC, but I'm just mentioning it in order to set your expectations.

EDIT: Assuming PL10/150PP, here's what the core of my build would look like:

Dodge +8
Parry +8
Fortitude +10
Toughness +12
Will +10

Kirby Array (53 PP)
  • Base Power: "Inhaling Things":
    Multiattack Ranged Affliction 10 (dazed/stunned/transformed) vs. Fort, Affects Objects
  • AE: "Puff of Air":
    Multiattack Ranged Damage 10
  • AE: "Absorbing Powers":
    Variable 7 [gives you 35 PP worth of powers based on the traits of the last person transformed with the Inhaling Enemies power], Variable Descriptor
  • AE: "Star-Projectile":
    Multiattack Ranged Damage 10, Limited (only usable if an enemy has been swallowed, at which point the enemy stops being swallowed)
    Multiattack Ranged Affliction 10 (dazed/stunned/incapacitated) vs. Fort, Affects Objects, Limited (only usable if an enemy has been swallowed, at which point the enemy stops being swallowed)

Flight 2
Leaping 5
Movement 1 (Slow-Fall)
Speed 1
Insubstantial 1 (Fluid)
Protection 12 [squishy body]

Ranged Combat 10

I updated the build to put all of the "Kirby" powers in the same array, since while you're using the powers from whatever you've swallowed you don't have access to any of your other powers until you switch to them. The array could have a Quirk on it that says once you switch from the mimic-style power, you can't use it again until you've swallowed something new.

I've been fiddling around with a Kirby build for a while as well, and much of what Naturax listed is on mine as well (including Variable as an Alternate Effect of his other main combat powers). The core Inhale power I built differently though (it's also assuming a PL10 game).

Inhale: Perception Ranged Cone Area Movement Attack 1 (Resisted by Dodge; Dimensional—
Pocket Dimension), Additional Ranks 9 (Limited to increase DC), Reversible, Limited to Close Distance • 32 points
4 per rank for the Movement, 3 per rank for the Additional Ranks, +1 for Reversible

I built this out from a couple of similar powers possessed by Prometheus and Ragman in Heroes and Villains 2, rather than a Stun- or Snare-like Affliction. It's also heavily influenced by the anime where he can inhale multiple things at once and mentally find a particular object he ate and pop back out.

Canonically he's also only 8 inches tall, so I included Permanent Shrinking 10, Innate in my build.

I don't think I ever finished statting him out besides his powers, so I'm afraid I don't have anything complete to show you.

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