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Love it so far! Having a few files and pens on the desk as well as a little statue of some sort in the empty bit of the book case would really make this come to life. It's fantastic!

These are nicely done, Tyoka. My only comment might be that we seem to be seeing too much of the vampire's nostrils, unless he's really got a pig-like snout.

I would be super excited if you could draw my Witch. ^^

May I add a character to your list? I would love a visual of her

At minimum: these are things I don't like guessing.
Race: Aasimaar
Sex Female
Height/weight: 6' 170 pounds
Age 26
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do Ordained Champion of Scahrossar
Hair style/color: Raven Black hair braided down to top of her butt
Eye color: Metallic Amber

What helps: I don't mind guessing these things, but I'd prefer you provide them.
Name(for reference): Mirazhe Palentier
Attitude: Vengeful/Tortured
Specific Equipment: Heavy armor with blackened sections and the symbol of Scahrossar (two whips crossed) on the chest piece. I would like a dragon age flair to it if you can. No helmet please. She wields a snake-sword as a whip if you want to try and incorporate that. It's a signature weapon.
Setting: D&D 3.5, Homebrew feudal world
Pose: Standing, perhaps looking up into the light? She would probably be some where dark with a single ray of light from the only window, like in a dungeon.
Reference images. Dragon age picMore DA armorsnake-Sword ( butterfly hilt hilt please!) Google Ivy from soul caliber at your own risk if you want more sword-whip images. I saw way too many buttocks in search of a good, clean pic
Anything else? Lawful Evil

Once again great work Tyoka!

I just realized though that for some reason I think I might like the sketches better than the final color product. I think I'll wait until I see the final product on the two most recent sketches but might it be possible to just do the sketch rather than the full color for Cylirr?

Mordae: Thank you for pointing out the nose. I thought something was wrong with it, but I think something is wrong with everything, always.

userpay: I'm going to do a sketch anyway, why not do colored as well?

TheEpicNecropath: Here's your vampire. Let me know if you want any changes.

  1. Human
  2. Male
  3. 5'5" 165lbs
  4. 20
  5. Thief
  6. Black, short, unkempt
  7. Blue
  1. Thom Keller
  2. Overconfident, egotistical
  3. Cast out by his parents because of his kleptomania, he uses his skills to make a living as an adventurer
  4. A dagger
  5. Fantasy, medieval-ish
  6. Any you can think of is fine
  7. Same as above, I give you free reign (maybe you hate it, maybe you'll like it. If you really want some pics, I'll find 'em for ya)
  8. Here's how I described him for the game:
    Name: Thom Keller

    Appearance: Short and thin, his black hair is short and unkempt. He makes no attempt at hiding his wily nature or his slightly longer than usual glances at other people's valuables. His face is thin and unremarkable, blue eyes constantly seeking a target for his sticky fingers. He is dressed in a black unhooded cloak that stretches to his knees, covering his similarly black leather garments. He seems ever so slightly weighed down by his backpack, but seems to carry little else.

    Personality: While not the type to leave a friend, or even a by-chance traveling companion behind, especially in moments of danger, he'll undoubtedly seek to profit from it somehow afterwards. He seeks fame and wealth to match his oversized ego. Overconfident but capable, he can handle himself in a pinch. He can work with others well enough, at least until they get tired of him.

    History: Thom has never been able to stay in one place for long, mostly due to his uncontrollable habit of relieving others of their possessions (and the ensuing outrage), rather than any inherent instinct to travel. Even his own parents were estranged by this behaviour and he was ultimately cast out of his own home. With no other place to go, he set out on the road. Fortunately, by this time he had developed enough of a skillset in his... field... to make a living as a traveler. He knows that the prospect of the Republic's expansion could very well be the window he needs to get rich and famous, and he has come to the Wall to be on the forefront of it all.

    Tactics: Thom mainly uses his one dagger in combat, and while he is overconfident, he's not quite brash enough to simply charge them outright, instead preferring to let someone better equipped to take the brunt of enemy attention whenever possible, but he won't back down from the rough of the fight either. Sometimes he bites more than he can chew and it can take a prospect of imminent death to make him run to fight another day.

At minimum: these are things I don't like guessing.
  1. Race: Human
  2. Sex: Male
  3. Height/weight: 5 feet 10 inches tall, not sure on the weight. However he is in good shape, as well as being strong and fast. He is an Archer if that helps you place the weight. No more than 200 no less than 150.
  4. Age: 16
  5. Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Paladin of the silver flame with Roguish tendencies, and a penchant for stealth.
  6. Hair style/color: Long hair blonde
  7. Eye color: Silver

What helps: I don't mind guessing these things, but I'd prefer you provide them.
  1. Name: Valeiru Baeratan
  2. Attitude: Arrogant and roguish
  3. History:
  4. Specific Equipment: A Bow (Something nonstandard if possible), Hip Quiver, Armored robes with the Silver flame symbol somewhere on them..
  5. Setting: Eberron
  6. Pose: Rooftop sniping. Crouched, or standing your preference Aiming at something off screen on the streets below.
  7. Reference images: Armored robes Nonstandard bow styles Silver flame Symbol

Thats All I can think of at the moment. Sorry for the HUGE History, but his backstory is quite a doozy.

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