Want Me To Elaborate? [A Writer]

Well finally!! I've found something on this site that I can contribute!! I, my friends, am a creative writer. I can take 3 sentences about what you want to the story to be and turn it into pages of fun, wonderful, exciting, entrancing detail!
I need the following information. You can either post it here openly with details OR message me. I will ALWAYS message you my writing as opposed to posting here for everyone’s eyes. ;]

Everything not asterisked is optional.
If it has [_] beside it, it is something you can opt in on if you DON'T already have an idea but would be fine with me including if I so choose.

When I say optional, that means if you put nothing I will create it myself. Careful here with things such as Setting, if you want a futuristic apocalypse full of blooming flowers, you best put that or else I will create my own Medieval Golden Aged Era story.

-What I Need-

Campaign Name:

Campaign Length*: [Gotta tell me how long you want this. Not necessarily by pages but by days at least. 'A couple of weeks or more' IS an appropriate response. 'long campaign' IS an appropriate response. 'idk' IS NOT.]

Ultimate Party Goal*: [at least a general idea, I'm not here to pop out free campaigns %100 me!]
[_]Minor Goals: [Any additional 'quest type things' you need to move your story along]

Main Adversary*: [again, a general knowing of what you want]
[_]Minor Adversaries: [Like mini bosses ]

[_]Important NPC's: [Any character or character type you want that is a driving force of the story although not a played character]

[_]Shops/Caravans: [often times I'll put a constant traveling merchant that the group runs into, that way based on prior association, prices can/will change with how the party interacted with the merchant to begin with]

Specifics: [Anything you know for sure you want included that was not mentioned above]

That's about it, I'll message you if I need anymore info. ^___^