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Mutating Elemental Parasites... CHYEAH

Mutating Elemental Parasites... CHYEAH

So, I'm currently creating my own Homebrew World/Campaign. I just got this idea for some fluff/mechanics thatd be pretty cool.

A group of evil Wizards/Sorcerors (Havent worked out a name yet) have created a parasite that, when attatched to a host, begins to mutate their bodies and create new creatures (based off the original)

A huge part of my campaign is the understand and manipulation of the three primal elements Jhar (Life, Growth, Nature) Rauke (Fire, Destruction, Passion) and Rya (Ice, Corrosion, Intelligence). As well as some other less prominent elemental deities.

The idea works around the manipulation of magic crystals linked to each element/deity that when infused with magic produce effects. The evil wizards (Main villains of my campaign) have found a way to genetically engineer a parasite with the crystals, attaching these parasites to creatures causes their physiology to change and mutate according to the type of parasite and the element(s) associated with it.

This idea started out from an encounter in an arena surrounded by goblins. Early in my campaign the heroes have to go rescue the mayors daughter (these first encounters/plots have really nothing to do with the overall plot besides introducing the heroes to the main conflict/protagonists/antagonists through happenstance), when they track her down they are captured and taken prisoner. During their imprisonment they are forced to fight in the arena, as one of (if not the) last encounter in the arena was going to be a giant Warbear, But i thought to myself "i can make this so much more interesting" So instead of it just being a regular bear, Why not make it a poison bear?

So the idea for my Poison Breathing Venom-Bear was born. But i had to think, Why is it all poisony and stuff?

So i came up with this.

Will post more stuff/ideas/tables soon.

Any ideas/feedback?

Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
So... A Wizard Did It?
A very powerful/influential group of sorcerer/wizards/Other Magic users did it. Im writing it out to be a process involving Science, Magic, Biology and "Trial & Error" To create each parasite

No stat charts yet, but working into the main mechanics behind each type and the fluff for each of them, as well as possible effects.

Here are two blocks of text that give some detail into two variations of Elemental Parasites.


Elemental Parasites

Elemental parasites work by altering the regular physiology of their host, granting new abilities. It does this as a result of being created with an Elemental Heartstone, a crystal that carries with it the essence of a primal element (Nature, Air, Fire and Water). An Elemental Parasite is created containing one of these Heartstones, The size and Alignment of the stone dictates the special effects granted to the Host.

Nature – Heartstones of Jhar (Emeralds)

Heartstones of nature glow bright green and deal with Growth and Adaptation. Emerald Parasites grant mutations that enhance the hosts existing physiology. Mutations ranging from thickened hide, to superiour regenerative capabilites, to natural venoms and poisons. Typical physical signs of an Emerald parasite include green coloration of the skin and eyes and plant life growing on or in the host. More extreme cases are much more varied, Poison glands, Wings, extra limbs and even in the most extreme cases, extreme physiological repurposing.

All Emerald Effects
-Natural Armor
-Primal Instincts
-Animal or Plant Features
-Natural Venom
-Poison Gas
-Resistance to Poison/Disease

Fire – Heartstones of Rauke (Rubies)

Hearstones of Fire glow red and are warm to the touch, they grant their hosts with abilities that manipulate heat and fire. Observable signs of Ruby Parasites are red and glowing eyes and mouths, darkening of the skin and fever like symptoms. More extreme cases of mutation take the form of extraplanar portals to the plane of fire occuring inside the host, Replacing vital parts of their bodies with Fire or Magma.

All Ruby Effects
-Natural Armor
-Pyrokinesis (The Ability To Control Fire)
-Fire Magic
-Natural Fire
-Resistance to Fire

-------So far Anyway-------


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