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Batman Shooting

Batman Shooting

I was almost not surprised when I heard this story on the radio. Not because I think evil characters from fictional books and movies inspire people to act that way. More like it pushes the right buttons of people inherently violent so that they act on their thoughts. Though the reason for why the man did it is still up in the air, or so I have read.

My heart does go out to the victims and their families. No one wants to take their kid out to enjoy a movie only to have some man come in and shoot down people. It's just horrible and tragic. I'm sure this will scar the kids for life that lived through the entire ordeal.

Thoughts? Speculations? I would just like to know what others think.

Pushes the right buttons my eye. I'm gonna go with "He's crazy" and "He wanted to kill people".
Alternatively, he's just mad that Batman's more popular than Superman and the Batman movies make more money than the Superman movies.

This happened fifteen minutes away from my house.

I think given the subject matter of the movie and his relative intelligence, the shooter did this for a reason. I don't know what that might be but it seems like a failed attempt at creating anarchy or demonstration of how our fear controls us. Look at the media's response.

Oh wow Elemtael. I hope no one you knew was hurt.

I know, he was a smart guy. It's interesting that in these cases, people that have met the guy always say things like he was quiet and seemed nice.

Solaris: Maybe. My brother has a theory that the guy was on drugs.

Most of the time, cannot say for this one because i am not in on the investigation. That being said, people like this tend to do it for the power. There 'fantasy' is to hold power over other people. A number of these same people do tend to be highly intelligent. But if the investigation holds true you may find out this guy has a number of military books, psychology books, and books, movie, and anime about mass killings.

Just so every one knows, I am not saying that "all' of the people who have those kind of books are like this. Just that the tendency is for the people to get this kind of stuff to fulfill there fantasy.

Don't know if there is really much to say. Its a pattern of people whose own problems, psychological or financial or whatever, have become twisted into society's at large and it ends up with them pulling a gun in a crowded place.

Its about weak, vindictive people wanting to be noticed so they turn to the most evil acts they can imagine. Pathetic.

I just came back from seeing The Dark Knight Rises. During some of the early violent scenes, you could just feel the crowd get really awkward. It was definitely on everyone's minds.

Terrible tragedy, my heart goes out to the family of those involved. I hope justice is served, whatever that might involve for the attacker.

Hopefully this doesn't sound insensitive, because it's quite a tragedy, but do you think this will actually effect the movies box office? Kind of asking based on what Little_Rudo said above. People not wanting to go because something like this is on their mind during the movie


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