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3.5 Adjusting encounter lvl when party is without inventory.

3.5 Adjusting encounter lvl when party is without inventory.

I'm starting a game with lvl 1 characters waking up in Asgard with NOTHING on them. Not even clothing.

While I have done my best to adjust the first few encounters to account for this, I wonder how the rules would normally account for this. I didnt see anything in the SRD. Is there an existing rule?

Also, how would Exp be adjusted?

You might treat them as being lower-level (in this case, CR 1/3 or 1/4 apiece) until they can get some level-appropriate equipment. You'd want to adjust encounters accordingly, possibly including some noncombat stuff so that they can at least get their hands on a rusty dagger (or even an improvised weapon). The players should get more EXP per encounter than they normally would, at least until they return to the norm for their level.

What Dalar said. Maybe after the first encounter or so, I would consider giving them Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat and let them beat things with their fists for a while, since it won't really affect game balance later on when they are armed again.

Well the majority of them are taking font of inspiration a few times. So I have no doubt that they will be able to handle what I'm throwing at them.

Yeah, drop the "party level" in exp calculations to 1/2 or 1/3rd. Note that this modification is unnecessary for certain traps and puzzles; puzzles of course are pretty gear-independent, and unless someone is missing their thieves' tools, they're only going to be trying to survive, meaning make their saving throws (Which are also gear-independent). Then again, they're on Asgard, so it'll probably be someone beating the stuffing out of them...

These things are fairly hard to regiment which is why the books leave them a bit open-ended, but yes, you definately need to adjust the characters experience. I usually do this by keeping them at level and altering the CR of the encounter, but whatever works better for your head is what you should stick to.

OK, so I pitted them against 3 starved climb dogs, normally CR1 creatures.

In addition to the stat penalties and taking a few hit points off, I RP'd them as ravenous to the point of cannibalism.
The players dropped 2 (with rocks) and the third fled after filling its belly on the first that died.

I cant find rules for characters under lvl 1, so I am going to treat it as if the monsters were not starving. So basically the players defeated a CR2 encounter, not including the third dog who fled and didn't engage them.

What do you think about that Dalar?

Edit: Also, assuming my math and understanding of the tables is correct... Each of the 3 lvl 1 characters should receive 200 xp. Is that right?

3 lvl 1 characters vs CR 2 is 200 exp, yeah.

I cant find rules for characters under lvl 1,
There aren't any, as far as I know. However, the encounter calculator on the SRD uses "party level" as a factor, so if you wanted to follow that logic...

The "level" of the party is calculated as 0.25 x the level of each character, so for example, 2 level 1 characters would be a 0.5 level party. For experience point rewards, you'd then just treat the party as though they were made up of "n" characters, where 0.25 x "n" = the "level" of the party. This sounds complicated, but since both the party level and experience point fractions are linear, you can simply divide their experience point rewards by 4 times the effective party level. For example:

A. A party of 8 level 1 fighters kills a CR 2 monster. Each character is slated to get 600 exp (exp for a level 1 character killing a CR 2 Monster), but that's divided by the number of characters in the party (8) for a final total of 600/8=75 EXP per character.

B. The same party does the same thing, but for whatever reason, you decide to calculate EXP rewards based on party level, instead. The party level is 2 (0.25 x 8), so the EXP reward per person is whatever they'd get for individually defeating the monster (600) divided by 4 x the party level (8), or 600/8 = 75 EXP.

C. 3 level 1 factotums defeat a CR 2 encounter, but for whatever reason, they gain EXP as though their party level was 1/3. Each is level 1, so for a CR 2 monster, that's 600 EXP per person; divide that by 4 x the party level and you get
600 / (4/3) = 450 EXP apiece.

This is based off of the encounter calculator linked to on, where small parties are assigned fractional "party levels"; it's not RAW as far as I can tell, but in my opinion it makes some sense.

But all of this is for use at the DM's discretion; as with all EXP rewards, it's just as logical to say "you all get 100 exp" since tailoring rewards is a big part of the DM's job

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