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Ascension - Forum
Rogue Trader
Ad Closes: Jul 31 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Applications Go >>>HERE<<<

As the title implies, I am looking for 1-2 members to fill in vacant positions in the Rogue Trader game, Ascension.

Why I am Recruiting:
Our current roster is comprised of 3 of my real life friends. There was a fourth member but due to some unfortunate circumstances and events he took his own life. We feel that it would be best to finish out this game and honor his memory by doing something that he loved. His character has already been accounted for and will be departing for the conflict with Chaos at the Eye of Terror where he meets a tragic, but heroic, end bringing the fight to the enemies of mankind.

Where the Game Starts for You:
Currently, the game is suspended. It will resume after our friend's funeral and we will conclude the prologue. At that point in time the game fast forwards about 3 years and picks up with our intrepid adventurers at the location classified as "Port Wanderer." This brief skip is a perfect time to introduce new characters.

As a closing, thank you all for taking the time to read this. I look forward to reading some applications and if any of you are hesitant about submitting one feel free to peruse the forum and look at the story so far. It can be located under "Prolgue: Fiery Origins" in the sub-category "The Ship's Log".

If any of you have any questions or just want to chat you can do so in this thread. I will monitor it and respond daily.

Game Description:


A Rogue Trader Adventure

In the dark space at the edge of the Imperium countless fortunes await. If you have the will and the audacity to persist in times and places where dark things lurk, the life of a Rogue Trader is for you. Ascension is designed to be an epic Rogue Trader adventure that sees its cast of PC's raised from lowly voidfarers to lords of the stars. In game mechanics, this translates to a journey from level 1 all the way to the very top.

The game is designed in a unique way in that there is a prologue that explains how the Rogue Trader dynasty the PC's are in comes to be, and sets the players off to do what they will. I intend to look very closely at the Rogue Trader's inclinations and desires to craft the remainder of my story. There are a few main plot points but beyond that it is up to the Rogue Trader how to procceed.

Also of note is the fact that the prologue is crafted to introduce both the concepts and in game mechanics that make Rogue Trader so fun. In short, this game is for advanced and new players.

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Seem to be having a bit of an issue with Private Messaging. This is in response to ShiningIdeal's private message asking about source books, different core books, and existing material.

Originally Posted by ShiningIdeal
So in no particular order, this is a little free thought on some ideas.

The original question about alternate books was mostly just for Into the Storm with the alternate worlds and backgrounds and certain materials from Hostile Aquisitions to create a shady underworld information broker/spymaster.

A second thought was a Navigator - without a whole lot of specifics here. A story about a navigator not wanting to marry into another house or dynasty, denying her clan's wishes and exiling herself... its very rough.

If you were game for DH characters - I had originally considered with the intrigue aspects, an Inquisitor's acolyte being interesting. I wasn't sure how you'd feel about that exactly. One of my favorite things about Rogue Trader is you can really use anything from the other two in it without much setting troubles.
The alternate character generation material is acceptable. I would need to look more closely at the Hostile Acquisitions bit as I have never read it before.

Navigator, of course, is approved.

As long as you are comfortable with leveling everything up to appropriate power, the DH character is also fine. I believe you would be entering at around 8,000 xp so it seems like you would be limited somewhat in future progression but in the short term be alright.

Choice is yours, though. Don't get too involved with all the equipment and stat generation. I don't want you to waste your time as I am basing my selection off the quality of writing you provide in your app.

Okay, I'm thinking clearly again (yay!); I'm going to reread this thread, and then put some stuff in private text or PM for you, okay Elemtael?

Im sorta interested.
I would play an unusually quite conservative Noble who recently made his fortunes by becoming owner of a ship building yard. His father worked building the ships as did he for a while. He is a self made man and conforms much to the Protestant work ethic. He is very Pius and uncompromising.

But i cant give you my phone number. Especially if you dont want long distance calls.

Elemtael...? I haven't heard from you in a while, I'm still waiting for some responses to some of the PMs I've sent / some of the stuff I said...

When the game starts, will we be rolling statistics or generating them via the allocation method?

@Gavinfoxx - Sorry, I check the site from my phone a lot and it is a pain to write long messages or click on the little links. I try to maximise the time I spend on my computer by taking care of a lot of things at once.

To answer your first post, I don't care. I have too much going on to sit down and plan out your character with you. I have already told you that I didn't think the character would fit in. You tried to rationalize it with rules, so you are clearly not listening. Do what you like, good sir. Your character will be looked at just as carefully as the others.

As to your second post, stats will be rolled. I allow you to choose which numbers you want to put where though. Not sure if that is allocation or not, but it does involve rolling.

Hope that helps.

Well, my idea was that he does conceal his true feelings. The bit where you said "that would be a quite different story, however". My idea was also to try to get an idea about precisely which things would fall under the "you would not know about half of them" clause you mentioned to me, so I can try to vague up his current understanding of the way the universe works. I was thinking that maybe you felt he couldn't know about those things because...

...and with that rules issue taken care of successfully, what he could start knowing from my list. Make sense?

Okay... I reworked the backstory to give him much, MUCH more reason to know the things he does!

The time when you will announce when other people have gotten in or not, and who got in, is sometime tomorrow, correct?


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