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A Dread Necro Needs Dreadful Items

A Dread Necro Needs Dreadful Items

So am sort of stuck on what all I should use , am use to level one characters, not starting off with level 5 or above.

I am not looking for OMG need cosmic POWER but would like to balance myself out in basic utility gear, an items useful, in making a low level dread get past the usual "he is evil kill him!"

I have 7,000 gold to use

Right now Ring of Substance and my hat are my major ideas. The weapons are mostly just placeholders, any ideas an suggestions would be loved.

Small list from a necromancer I ran before...

Undead specific:
Enveloping Pit (3,500gp) Holds your undead army (and corpses if you're in a bind.)
Rod of Defiance (7,312gp) This is a very important one, as it allows you to get the most out of your rebuking undead. Allows easier acess to a shadow army, and allows you to retain more shadow minions for your undead pool.
Rod of Undead Mastery (10,000gp) Gives you more undead. Not that you really need all of these undead, as with your (8th?) level ability that increases your skeleton army immensely. Still, why not? More is always welcomed.

Spellcasting specific
Metamagic Rod of Extend (3,000 lesser/11,000 regular)

There could be more, but honestly you should try to save up to get a few of these if you can.

Eternal wands are wondrous items, not wands. Pick up a few spells not on your spell list. Desecrate and Animate Dead would be the big 2 to grab hold of when you can.

Silver, I suggest you read this thread here. It gives a lot of build advice and even spell advice for necromancers, even dread necromancers.

I have just made a dread necro for a co-hort in a evil game I am playing, I have never played one before so the post from mishra is awesome and a great help.


I've been toying with an idea for a Dread Necro myself.
I'm wanting to find a way to keep a Dread Necromancer meleeing and tanking his entire career. Although, most of the builds I find have them stepping out of this role around level 5 or 6. I can see cross-classing as a monk and delivering a charnal touch with my unarmed strike, and then perhaps a few levels in rogue or ninja for the extra sneak attack damage, but I'd like some ideas on building a melee heavy DN through 20 levels.

Steam , just go negative energy, and tomb tainted soul, and you can start healing yourself with your own touch attacks lol


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