Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

i'm new...

i'm new...

i have no idea what to do so getting a group to play a game with i guess is what i'm going for... if anyone wants to help me.

Welcome to the Weave

Yo don't really give s much to go on to help you with right now but you'll find that most people here are happy to help newbies so you can get more advice as needed.

Head over to games and ads, find games you like the look of and start posting applications. It's that simple.

What Plugsy said.

What games do you like? Do you GM or primarily play?

Oh, and, Welcome!

:3 this is probably the rawest rookie we have had in a while, but fear not! Death (myself) and the Great Mage (Voxanadu) shall aid you. First of all, you need to establish what game system it is you have, or which one you want to learn. Then, you need to apply to get a bearing of the general rule set for this game. If you do not have sources for that game, some can likely be provided for you by members of the weave. After you've done that, you want to post applications in the game ad forums for anything that looks tasty

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