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My Custom Pathfinder Race

^^ Added, then.
Any other ideas, anyone?

Interesting concept but I'd say it's a bit stronger than the other PHB small races.

Fast speed, a slew of skill bonuses and free languages of the player's choice. Compare it to what the halfling gets and it's a no-brainer race for rogue, sorcerer, and bard builds (and all the rest of the charisma casters).

One idea would be to make it +2 to Diplomacy and Linguistics or +2 to Perception and Perform, the variance being racial trait thingeys. I'd say the race would be in the ballpark of the other two small PHB races in that case.

I like seems fairly well balanced. I'm curious as to how to deal with a player who sinks their INT score considering the handful of INT based racial abilities?

Fox races! Fox races for everyone!
Nice job on it.

I've been wanting to make a Fox race myself now that I've seen this one... I want to make two of em... no three!
Lessee. Regular Red Fox race... non-Kitsune edition.
Half-Kitsune/Kitsune Descendant race... basically a non-transforming Kitsune who's great-grandparents or so were kitsunes and one day they just randomly turned into Kitsune form and can't change back into human form. (Basically, lame excuse to be a fox person and still get a Bonus Feat.)
And... Arctic Fox race, now that I've seen a Fennec Fox race. The next step in my mind is an Arctic Fox race... a setting with nothing but fox races comes to mind suddenly.


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