Medical Tent

"Well," Sarah says as she turns to Nagle, "This has been a day I would like to forget. I'm turning in." She rubs her face with her hands and yawns. She nods to the Major and then heads back to the staff quarters. Once there she eases herself into a seated position on her cot and then just sits there for a few minutes, bent over with her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands, unable to will herself to move further. Her mind was still going a mile a minute replaying the events of the day, but her body was past exhaustion. While sitting there she nearly drifted off a few times, but would jerk back awake within moments, startled by some memory.

Eileen would try to stop Captian Morgan before she headed out. Or, barring that, follow her to her quarters quietly...

"How are they?"
The Major's voice carried an undertone of concern topped with exhaustion and a desire to have a bottle of schnapps all to herself.

Sarah looks up from her bed when Major Thorsson enters, forcing a rather tired smile that rather rapidly changes to a disgruntled look when the major asks her question. "Arrogant, condescending, elitist ingrates," she begins venting her frustrations from the day. "Any and everyone is a disposable tool in some grand plan of theirs which they will never share with you." She shrugs, though obviously angry, "About what you'd expect really. I've worked with plenty of researchers like that, just never when our lives depended on it. A miserable lot to work with."

Seeing a look of confusion spread across the major's face she pauses. "Oh, but you probably meant Lockley and the rest of the team?" she half states, half asks. "Near as we can tell, only Lockley was injured, so I suppose that is good. I'm not really sure what happened. I suspect Captain Wantanabe has been or is being debriefed, so if you want a run down on that part of the mission," she says with a bit of a derisive sneer, "you should check in with him."

"Lockley," she begins and then pauses. "Well, he's lucky to be alive about three times over, but he's a fighter. The stingers on those things are barbed and as you might expect from any dragonfly-wasp-scorpion, inject a venom into their prey. Sort of interesting, actually. A barbed stinger but the effects of the venom seem to be paralytic." The perplexed look on the Major's face prompts Sarah to offer a further explanation. "Oh.. sorry... You see, barbed stingers would normally be only used for defense, since once they are in the victim the bug is hard pressed get them out and live to tell about it. At least back on Earth barbed stingers are mostly seen with a venom that causes pain and inflammation, but not much worse unless you are allergic. They want their sting to be a lesson learned, and its hard to learn a lesson if you are dead. Straight stingers are usually associated with a more toxic venom. Paralytic or necrotic; designed to paralyze or kill their prey. And of course they can sting over and over again. This bug is quite the chimera. Go figure."

"Oh, right..." she cuts her musings off, "So anyway, the stinger did cause some internal damage. A small nick on the small intestines, which Nagle patched. Back on Earth his prognosis would be good. We've been trying not to use the few antibiotics we have on hand, but we had to tap into our supply. We're treating him pretty aggressively to prevent peritonitis or sepsis since if either condition develops we aren't equipped to treat it. Plus, who knows what other bugs are around. We aren't really able to run a sterile practice here, so the antibiotics should help keep things in check, so long as life here obeys some of the Earth rules. Unfortunately we really don't have much left now. "

On a roll she continues "As for the venom, he's had a nasty inflammatory response at the entry site. Not sure if that is due to the venom or the stinger itself. Sort of hard to say at this point. We tried to flush the wound site and are keeping cold compresses to hopefully limit inflammation and systemic exposure to the venom. He's had a few bouts of slowed heart and respiration rates while in the OR, but we've been able to manage and at least so far they have not been enough to cause harm, thankfully."

"The next day is critical as we watch how his body responds to the insults, and we are going to keep him sedated and under close monitoring so we can manage any effects of the poison and let his body heal. After that, Nagle wants to keep him here for at least five days to let everything heal and see if there are any longer term effects. Of course that will likely involve more sedation, at least if his last trips to medical were any indication. If we make it that far, then its just light duty for a while. I don't take too kindly to patients running off and killing themselves as soon as I release them."

The red-haired nurse then turns a critical eye on the woman standing before her. "Major, if I dare say you look about like I feel. Go get some sleep. No one wants to freeze to death, but if the stress we are putting on ourselves kills us first, we are just as dead."

Major Thorsson listens intently, nodding where appropriate, then sighs, running her hand through her hair.
"Thanks, Captain. I'm...well, concerned. I presume you saw the medical reports from the mission to BP6-3Q1? The last thing I want is one of my men turning into a killer dragonfly. But hopefully these aren't related bugs..."

At the comment about her appearance, the Nordic blonde can't help but chuckle softly. "You might have a point. It's just...well, if I try to get some sleep, that leaves Klaus in charge. If we get experimented upon we're just as dead too," she (half?) jokes.

Sarah nods in regard to the BP6-3Q1 question and comments dryly, "There's little reason to be concerned, there is only one thing we are equipped to do if that happens," her face looking pained at the insinuation. "And really there is no reason to assume these bugs are at all related. Life, even on Earth is pretty gosh darn diverse, and life on other planets is equally creative, though often different. We just have to take each day as it comes to us, and stop taking stupid risks. We are operating at the level of a poorly equipped field hospital. This makes MASH look luxurious."

"How does you sleeping leave Dr. von Braun in charge," she asks looking a bit confused. "Wouldn't it be Captain Wantanabe? Not that it really matters if either of you are asleep or awake. He won't listen to any military," the woman says matter-of-factly. "The only authority he seems to respect is his own."

"He actually asked me to chose sides in all of this," she says shaking her head and then looking up at the other woman, "I agreed to help him work on the science, but refused to play his Klaus-versus-the-military game. I thought we had made some progress," she says with an odd inflection before quickly continuing "But well, he seems to think I've lost my mind. If he ever did respect anyone other than himself, he doesn't respect me any more." As she speaks her tone takes on a distinct hint of sadness.

After a few moments she adds, "I don't know, maybe I have."

Eileen shakes her head, and steps over to the bedside, reaching and putting her hand on Sarah's shoulder for a moment, squeezing before letting go.

Klaus is...complex. Headstrong. The only way he respects anyone is if they out-science him, and even then it's only a challenge until he ups the ante himself. I don't think you've lost your mind, and I'm sorry that you've gotten trapped between him and me."

The Major's own voice has a sad tone to it, with a hint of wistfulness in her sigh.

Sarah sighs and forces a tight smile. "Tell me about it. This morning I thought we were friends. Now he will barely speak to me. I might not the best at reading people, but I'm not usually that far off." She goes quiet for a long few moments but then continues, "I'd really like to just forget today ever happened at this point," with the strain and fatigue no longer hidden. "I'm just hoping to be able to get to sleep."

"Then get some rest, and I'll try to do the same," Eileen says with a sigh...and an expression that, for a moment, says she wants to say something more, before she shakes her head, gives a nod to Captain Morgan, and turns to head for her own tent and cot.

Sarah finishes removing her boots and then doffs her uniform, laying it only somewhat neatly on the bin at the foot of her bed that contained what few of her belonging had been salvaged from the Hammond. Quickly, she climbs into bed and pulls the covers up and situates the parka on top of her. She curls into the fetal position and closes her eyes in a desperate attempt at sleep.

She descends surprisingly quickly into a fitful sleep, awakening periodically, at times nearly violently as her mind replayed the vents of the day for her. The night wasn't young when she finally bedded down and when the morning rolled around, she had had little restful sleep. Still, she was glad to be able to be up and doing something other than reliving the last day and she was at least more refreshed and resolved than she had been the night before.


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