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swordmage|hybrid help

swordmage|hybrid help

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Taka, the last of the Jedurai:

Taka'shima is one of the last of her people, an old human race akin to the Japanese. she is a daughter of the old shogun, who was killed in the slaying of most her race in a war against undead hordes. she is samurai, or she is ronin, she is conflicted as to what. she was also sent away to learn the teachings of the white lotus, and became a, swordmage. i told my dm i wanted to be a samurai-jedi, and he told me "only if you say youre takashima, the last of the jedurai!! (and LOLed). so i did, and the name stuck.

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So with the option of retooling her when we pick up this game again after a hiatus, i decided i want to hybrid her now that i have a couple years playing under my belt. what i really want to do is be more of a defender|striker, stick with swordmage (dm doesnt feel avenger fits the jedi role cuz of its power source), maybe switch to assault mage (i know its considered weaker, i am undecided right now). i think i want the ability to leap around the battlefield, and exploit creatures adjacent to me powers. i am super leaning towards monk for the other half, for flurry of blows, and fight with a sword in one hand and strike with my free hand. yeah, i think i want swordmage|monk! i realize that the two primary numbers are dex and int, and my defenses may suffer a bit. however, we rolled numbers for the game, and my numbers are decent;

18, 16, 16, 15, 12, 11,

so i believe it can be done! i want to use white lotus feats, and wintertouched fun. one thing though, i have to remain human-but that might not be bad with the extra at will and feat

Thoughts on numbers

DEX-20 (16 + 2 racial +1 +1)
INT-20 (18 + 1 + 1)


DEX-18 (16 + 1 + 1)
INT-22 (18 + 2 racial + 1 + 1)

option 1 is obviously more balance, but is it better? depending on if i take more monk powers (3 encounter power slots, and 3 at-will slots), dex would be the 22, int would be the 18. i guess the question is, should i be balanced? or have a spike attribute, especially because they both affect my reflex

my preliminary thoughts on powers are

-frigid blade (swordmage, dragon 367)
-crane's wings (monk, phb3)
-? swordburst? another monk one?

1-? eternal mountain is a burst one prone attack, which supports poping into a group and taking advantage of things that deal damage to adjacent allies. spitballing here a lil)
3-incendiary sword (dragon 367)

1-frost backlash (swordmage, frpg)
5-supreme avalanche combination (monk, phb3)

would the +2 damage bonus granted by this affect swordmage powers in a hybrid build? my gut says yes, but i dont know, if someone could clarify, that'd be awesome

2-? armathor's step (teleport ability?
6-? leaping ability?

1-quick draw
H-hybrid talent feat:
2-intelligent blademaster
4-white lotus riposte
6-white lotus hinderance
8-? Multiclass? wintertouched?

swordmage warding? or a monk one, maybe improved monastics tradition? though with my numbers, iron soul looks to be the best flurry for the concept of locking down enemies, but the rest of it may or may not be any good - when im not wielding a normal monk weapon i get +1 to ac. and id say a longsword/katana isnt normal for the class. problem is, swordmage warding is +3, and monks unarmored defense is +2.

another couple questions i have are;
~ does the +2 damage from "supreme avalanche combination" (monk, phb3, p68) work with swordmage powers? cuz thatd be awesome

~how does a build like this sound that has the silimar type abilities of dimensional vortex and drunken monkey? the build would run around marking things, and using judo-style powers that use the enemies force against them, and has a nice mixture of sword and magic abilities as well. is something like is optimizable? worth it?

Originally Posted by ChallengeFate View Post
~ does the +2 damage from "supreme avalanche combination" (monk, phb3, p68) work with swordmage powers? cuz thatd be awesome
It works with all damage rolls. So no, you don't cripple one of your dailies by choosing to be a hybrid.

If you want one of the defensive HT options, swordmage warding is clearly the best. In fact, it's pretty clearly the best of all the hybrid talent options for swordmage/monk, unless you want to shore up a specific defense and take a monastic discipline to match. Unarmed Combatant is hugely disappointing, even for traditional monks. You'll be making basic melee attacks with your sword anyhow, so it's terrible.

Originally Posted by ChallengeFate View Post
~ does the +2 damage from "supreme avalanche combination" (monk, phb3, p68) work with swordmage powers? cuz thatd be awesome
I'm no rules lawyer, but the text of the attack itself only says "+2 power bonus to damage rolls against the target" so I'd assume that as long as you can legally take the attack, that the answer is yes.

... not to be rude, but can I get the TL;DR version?

Nevermind, just realized this is a 4e edition. I'm not going to be much help.

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