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Hello all! Any Indie Gamers? OSR?

Hello all! Any Indie Gamers? OSR?

So lesse here... I've played/run PbP before and I'm hoping this site has some "indie" gamers.

Apocalypse World (and hacks!) being are current favorite. I'd love to run The Regiment, Streets of Marienburg, or a World of Dungeons game!

Burning Wheel is my favorite FtF game, but I'm unsure if it would work in PbP.

I'm also OSR: Mainly B/X, BECMI (or clones thereof), and Small But Vicious Dog: I likes-me some Warhammer setting.

I think I found this site from a Lady Blackbird game that was linked to a while ago and I'm just now posting here.

It's an Apocalypse World hack. Here is the forum -- Ha! Can't post URLs yet -- I'm such a newb.

The playtest document probably wouldn't make much sense if you haven't played AW anyway.

Welcome! I love me some indie rpgs, being a collector and enthusiast of them. I've never played BW but I have read the Burning Empires comics. Even used some creatures from them in games. I really enjoy both Warhammer settings but not the current official rules.

Thanks for the welcome all.

Originally Posted by Librarium View Post
I really enjoy both Warhammer settings but not the current official rules.

I'd love to get in some Apocalypse World (or hacks) games. It doesn't look like any are running at the moment...

Excellent! I'm working up a pitch for a sort of horror-esque game: I'm thinking either Streets of Marienburg (AW-hack) or Call of Cthulhu (too bad 7th edition won't be out until later, the changes look good).

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