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Requesting World Building Assistance!

Requesting World Building Assistance!

Hey, I want to create my own game world, even though I've never DMed before, and I'm not likely to use this world in a game of my own, but I wanted to make a world for a friend of mine to use. I have some basic ideas, though I'm not sure how to flesh them out, I need someone who has a mic and is willing to talk on it with me. I find it so much easier to explain things over voice, so yeah. Anyone who'd like to try creating this world with me, feel free to PM me, or something.

I don't have a mic, sorry, but I'd be more than happy to help out however I can. I love game mechanic and campaign design. The simplest thing to do when starting a world is figure out the super powers. What is the most populace city? What is the most powerful race? How do the super powers interact? Things like that.

Another option is start small, make a simple character, in a simple setting and figure out how he or she sees the world.

My own campaign world Foundation, started as a silly idea (kobold gang bangers with switch blades) and spiraled into a deep, meaningful story with gods of its own, several major nations, wars, history, even a post apocalypse setting.

Most importantly figure out what's needed for the story you or your friend want to tell then make the world work for you.

No mic here either.

Build outwards! Include only the elements that are needed for the story, plus enough rough depth to cope if the player(s) go way off base. And don't assume that out means geography. Depending on the story needs, you can give very spartan treatment to areas you don't expect the players to interact with.

One of my strongest (predominantly urban) campaing worlds consists of two cities, some wilderness in between, one waystation with an inn and reference to other cities that the players have never seen. Since the setting is urban, and takes place predominantly in one of the cities, that city is detailed with districts and personalities - with the districts the players hang out in having much more detail than the ones they can't enter. The other city is less detailed - again, with detail only where its required.

Scoping your game is crucial. If you're planning on telling a story that is all about thieves in an urban city, then you don't need to know who the kings and princes are in far-away lands. If you're planning on telling a story about lord-commanders of armies fighting for succession then you don't need to know the details about any thieves or fences in the Brass Quarter.

And finally... keep notes. When your kings-and-princes game does run into a thief in the Brass Quarter, make a note of who he is and give him some personality notes. The next time they're there, have them run into the same guy.

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