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I am really liking it. although if you would be able to thicken the horses legs a bit and add a little something to the belt (not really sure what. the belt is called the belt of magnificence). but I like the part about keeping his arm bare for the scar. as well as the coat of arms. over all I am very pleased

At minimum: these are things I don't like guessing.
1.Race: Catfolk
2.Sex: Male
3.Height/weight: 5'6", 145 lbs, Lithe but toned build
4.Age: 16
5.Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Ranger/trapper, is a hunter
6.Hair style/color: Shaded black-grey-white striped tabby
7.Eye color: Gold

What helps: I don't mind guessing these things, but I'd prefer you provide them.
1.Name: Carrugar of the Ratbane Clan
2.Attitude: smugish
3.History: still working on it, but mostly he will have left his clan, which has an ongoing feud with a nearby Ratfolk clan
4.Specific Equipment: Longbow w/quiver on the side, a few daggers, maybe a snare, small pack beside with odds and ends sticking out. (Clothing worn: Leather breeches, cloak, maybe a vest)
5.Setting: Woodland/jungle
6.Pose: semi-crouching on a tree branch, as if spying on prey
7.Reference images:
Crouching catfolk-
Hair Colouring-

Might as well

H'raek (Huh-Ray-eck) Misraat
Race: Orc
Sex: Male
Height & Weight: 6' 5" 260lbs
Age: Elderly (But Venerable)
Class: Fighter/Gladiator
Hair: White, Balding
Eye Color: Red

Attitude: Stern, Detached, Remorseful, Contempt

History: H'raek is the Grandmaster at Arms, First Retainer and Executioner for house Erbach, One of the five wealthiest houses governing the city state of Minar Lor. Very little is actually know about his true heritage, other than him being born beyond the Wildlands and being A Pure blood Orc. He is a Revered regular in both the Hellpit (Lower City) and Conclave Arena (Upper City) Coliseums, showcasing his mastery in combat with brutal efficency. H'raek is one of the only members of any house, to achieve a rank higher than retainer or hireling, without being part of the Houses immediate family. As well as being the only pure blood Orc to be a part of any of the five great houses. He also appears capable of controlling his natural Orc tendencies, and has been known to hold conversations about fine wines, art, and trade. His true age cannot be testified to, but his snow white hair attributes much talk to him being over sixty, well beyond elderly age for an Orc, If his rumored age is true he most certainly doesn't show it.

Specific Equipment: Extremely Thick Armor, Dual bladed Custom Glaive/Halberd ( Sample1 Sample2)

This would be fun.
Zant Teatime (pronounced Tay-ah-tah-meh)
Oracle : Dark Tapestry(Think creepy outsiders).
Gnome:Bleachling:4' Tall, 40lbs:Pale White Hair, lavender tips: Light Gray Skin: Black/grey eyes (grey with a black ring)
Age: Very young
Attitude: Detached, think high functioning sociopath

Physical in more detail: unlike most gnomes, bleachlings are a study in monochrome. His skin is nothing but shades of gray with long silver hair that has purple tips. He is unusually tall (for a gnome) and this gives him the impression of being far too thin.
History: Born under the influence of extremely powerful negative energy, he was born... twisted. His powers come from the gods of madness themselves. Abandoned and raised in the wilderness, mostly in the magically twisted forests around mage castles and the like.

Items of interest: Three floating Stones/gems; 1 Scarlett and blue sphere, one dusty rose prism, one dull grey pyramid on fire. A robe made almost entirely of patches. An Enchanted Chain Shirt and Armored Kilt. stone1 Kilt Cloak

If you are still doing this I got an interesting character I would like for you to draw up.

Jurint Siabata Vornt
Swordmage who is a Veteran in the Karrnathian army during the great war. Seen many battles, afterwords became sword for hire.

Human Male standing at 5'11 189 pounds (due to muscle), Long brown hair thats tied back to keep it out of his eyes, green eyes and a scar that runs from his forhead, down over his left eye, and down to the middle of his cheek (left eye through a miracle, is still good and functional...yes yes i know, unrealistic but hey, fantasy :P). Also, generally clean shaven.

Age 26
Attitude: Battle hardened, generally can be an ass to most people other than a select few, in battle he is blood thirsty, vengeful, and a bit twisted. If I had to pick an alignment for him it would be true neutral to chaotic neutral. Also suffers from PTSD.

Physical. This I believe is where you'll have the most fun.
He has intense amount of scars on his torso, front and back, from arrows, crossbow bolts, swords, spears, daggers, lances. Basically he has been through so much it's a miracle he is even alive so go crazy with that, one thing though that has to be there, because it has come up a few times in game. He's got a scar from where a hole was punched through his abdoman left side, by a spike slightly larger than his fist, also a scar that runs from the right side of his chest down to his left side hip bone. Through magic his muscle was healed but the scar still remains He has a deep scar where a trench (for lack of a better term) was dug into the under side of his lower left arm. His arms have arcanic tattoos that tend to glow red when he gets PO'd, they run from his shoulder down to his wrists. He's muscular from a lifetime of training and warfare but he's not a body builder.

Generally he wears gloves and a warmage, leather armor and cloak, dresses in black. However, I'm mainly looking for just a shirtless drawing of him for his character thread. As I said, aside from what I specifically mentioned, go crazy with his scars. His hair is long and tied back most of the time, He has high cheekbones and looks generally attractive, not supermodel good but someone a girl wouldn't mind being with if you know what I mean.

As far as equipment he has a total of four swords and two daggers. One dagger he has in his boot on his right side. He has a longsword and a shortsword both sheathed on his left side, the short sword is generally above the longsword (think typical Japanese samurai and how they have theirs arranged for a better idea) A great sword that he stole from a Thrane warrior after killing him is sheathed and strapped to his back, and he has a lightning sword which is his main weapon for now. For the lightning sword, the way the GM described it its a very jagged sword, not something that looks...practical. There typical lightning that you see Zeus throwing at people? yea, that's what the blade looks like. So you can imagine there is no sheath in the world that could fit this thing, so instead its basically a shoulder holster, basically a leather strap that holds the sword by the handguard. once again on his left side (character is right handed).

As for pose, as I said before basically I want a shirtless pic because his scars play a huge part in his story and description, also sets him apart from the other characters. He has recently started to touch into dark arcanum art as well as his usual array of swordmage powers.

So in his left hand have electrical arcs around it, his right hand wielding the lightning longsword, the blade engulfed with flames that are bright green and once again electrical arcs bouncing around it as well. A shadowy aura around him, kinda swirling around him that tends to form a barrier. His eyes basically looking like he has dark flames coming out of them, his long hair tied back with a strand or two falling into his face. Depict him as walking towards you confidantly, looking like he is going to slaughter everyone infront of him basically.

Setting, Ebberon campaign, DND

If you could get me a full portrait, that's really what im looking for. Go hogwild with it.

Some reference images

The first sword represents his long and shortsword, exactly the same, only difference length whereas the longsword is exactly in whats in that image.

The lightning sword, is that. And somehow he was still able to shove the entire blade into an assassin recently up to the hilt as per GM description... :P Its length is the same as a longsword.

As for the greatsword, I can't really find an image that best represents that. He keeps it pretty much as a war trophy, although I have had him use it once. Seeing as how he took it from a Thranian champion, the blade is pretty big, a bit bigger than your average greatsword, the hilt is decorated with images from the Silver flame religion.
Attached Images
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Race: Dragonborn *Important* character has 6 arms
Sex: Male
Height/weight: 6ft, 200 lbs
Age: Adult (adolescent/adult/elderly will do)
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Paladin
Hair style/color: None
Eye color: Black

Could you also do a Half Orc version as well?

Name: Dominic
Attitude: NG, Noble and kind hearted but also fierce when angered
Equipment: Bastard Swords (Plural), wields a large Bastard sword and carries 6 bastard swords as well.
Everything else feel free to be creative

Finally got my scanner working again. =D I don't even have to transfer with a memory card now, I can scan directly to my computer.

Note: Please excuse my notes. The only real "free time" I have to draw anymore is during class, which our teachers encourage anyway.

Renown0: Started on Boone. I also did another doodle of him.

GSingley: Mashari. I probably had the most fun with her out of anyone in this post. =]

Bladed Commando: Abrecan. There are some... discrepancies between the head/body ratio in these two drawings. He's probably not as dirty as you wanted him to be. I might redraw him.

Grimgordragon: Taylor Roads. Again, I had some second thoughts about proportion. I might make his jaw a bit bigger too.

loveandwar: Nastia.

DTorakhan: Tyris.

Moral Wis: Lady Yannike Prescott.

Heya, if you are willing to do this i'd be eternally grateful and shall eat a cookie in your honors at every opportunity i get to eat a cookie XD

Race Lizardfolk
Sex Male
Height/weight 7'-ish, more than 200 lbs.
Age Adult
Class Temple Knight of a Dragon worshipping kingdom of lizards
Scale color: Sand or other light earth tones
Eye color Purple

Name Gar Ohm

Attitude Solemn / Speak softly and carry a big sword

History: Gar Ohm was raised since a young age as a Temple Knight. At some point he traveld abroad as a knight-errant and studied with the blade mage monks of some rather far off place. after mastering their ways to the degree where he could teach it he returned home and quickly became one of the head instructors of his temple order. For many years he had done so when the king, his great uncle, ordered him to become an emissary to the settlement expedition of a newly discovered continent. They shipwrecked and now are building a new settlement w/o access to their homes.

Equipments: Thats pretty close to what i had envisioned for his greatsword, Handel, hilt and heft seem to be made of bone or some similar material, the blade is almost the same, but the last section of the blade, where it thins out, could you make that section straight back?
Other than that he wears a breast plate of mithral with a tasset like this one: just a bit longer at the front.

Setting: A city in it's hatching phase.

Pose: Semi-crouching, sword draw, tip pointing somewhat upward and both hands holding it, with a snarl or a roar; OR Standing or sitting, sword leaning at his side, seeming to survey something looking solemn or some mumbo jumbo like that.

References: for the head:
(He's got up to 1 of these shield plates on his neck)

Body: ahhhmmmmm..i'll leave that one up to you, tho it should be considered in your drawing that he is very strong and tenacious, scars are also always appreciated.

Tail: That guy, maybe a bit longer and thinner in proportion, but that style if you can manage without driving yourself crazy.

I really like what you did with her. thx


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