...and we could probably need an Arcanist too (PHB only)

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...and we could probably need an Arcanist too (PHB only)

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Aug 5 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

I have already put of a re-recruitment ad for a skillmonkey to the campaign we're running, using the module 'Barrow of the Forgotten King'. In the process one of the players suggested we "hire" an arcanist too.
The group currently consist of a paladin, a cleric and a monk. I am certain we will recruit a fine player for the skillmonkey role, so that leaves only the arcanist role unfilled.

HERE is a link to the other ad.

Here is the story in short:
A family has been reported missing after visiting the local cemetery. Sentinels who have searched for them have not returned.
You have been charged with solving the mystery.

Character creation:
Level 2. 1000 XP.
No need to ask for exceptions.
PHB classes and races ONLY.
The original group was limited to core only and so shall you. From next level on I will preliminarily allow all official
WotC books, reserving the right to ban unfitting, overpowered, broken or plain silly material.
Stats are rolled. 6m4d6v1. If your added bonuses are +4 or less, you may have a re-roll.
Arcanist apps go HERE. As does the rolling. Max HP for the first two levels. Roll or half from lvl 3 on. Whichever is best.

Game Description:

The shovel clanged against the rock, and its wielder snarled in frustration. He shook his brown, furry hands and squinted up into the rain.

"Dig!" a clear voice came from above. "Dig, damn you, or I'll have you flayed alive!"

Deep in the pit, the varag warrior couldn't see the speaker, but he knew the smooth-skinned, silk-clothed fool all too well.
Clang! Another stone. After throwing down his shovel, the varag took a pull from his wineskin. Time for a break, he thought.
A green orb shot out of the darkness above, knocking the wineskin out of the varag's grasp. Snarling in pain and rage, the warrior held his burned hand and watched the wineskin disintigrate in a green pool. Looking up, he saw the smooth-skinned spellcaster, and he grabbed his shovel and gripped it as if it were an axe.

And then he saw the eyes. Those eyes ...

The varagturned back to the mud and the rock. He began to dig again.

Barrow of the Forgotten Kings is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for four to six 2nd-level characters. Player characters who complete this quest should advance to 4th or 5th level, depending on how successful they are in defeating the evil creatures awaiting them.

Normal posting rate. Every evening and short updates during work hours. Potentially more on Weekends.
Ah well. I guess I'll live, somehow.

The bard in question has been posted, but as an alternative, the same character can be redone as a druid - possibly filling in many of the same roles as an arcanist (detect magic, spellcraft, buffs, crowd-control), and adding in a natural element (an animal companion as a tracker, and the ever-useful Survival skill). The "artillery" function of an arcanist can probably be overlooked at low levels, since a modest bow and arrow would fare just about as well.

The alternative is mentioned in my application, but it is merely an alternative.

Gonna have to withdraw from this. I'm in a few too many games and I won't have time for an arcanist. :-/ Best of luck to everyone else!

My app is done. I am pretty happy with this one. I may add a few tid-bits depending on how long till someone is accepted, but the the sum of his character is set.

Originally Posted by Anvil Of War View Post
My app is done. I am pretty happy with this one. I may add a few tid-bits depending on how long till someone is accepted, but the the sum of his character is set.
I'm not seeing his Spells Known on either sheet. Am I overlooking the obvious?

Looking forward to review your apps, DA and the rest. Deadline is now in 19 hours 15 minutes.
That's 12 pm, august 5th my time.

There I added the known spells. I looked over them and liked the looks of those ones. A mix of skill and combat spells for a all around useful caster.

Seems fun ... and I am a game short ... although I will be without internet until next week starting tomorrow ... I'll aply with a short char concept.

Good only?


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