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How to maximize damage with Telekinetic Thrust

How to maximize damage with Telekinetic Thrust

Sorry for all the questions, lol. I'm trying to pick a tight list of powers. 2 level 3 powers. I'm thinking about TK Thrust.
Here's my breakdown:
I can throw a guy straight up 50', which equals 5d6 falling damage, and will negates. I can instead hit him with Energy Missile for 5d6+5 and reflex halves.

There's no light weapons I could carry and use in a mass throw that would outdo 5d6+5, also (say if I TK'd 5 daggers or arrows at a target). Plus it can miss.

The best use I can see is near natural terrain that would help (cliffs, water, lava) or if a group of low will save types are standing close together, I could yank several weapons out of hands and fling them all into one enemy, thus disarming several and damaging one.

Grease can disarm for 1 point, though (granted, only 1 enemy at a time).

Is there anything I'm not seeing? I'm trying to fill a ranged damager (blaster, I suppose) roll for the group.

I'm looking at Energy Wall as the other 3rd level power, though possibly Time Hop for it's usefulness in so many ways.

Is there anything I'm not seeing?
Hurl enemies straight up - check.
Hurl items at enemies - check.

Move enemies in any direction (e.g. against a wall - or into the waiting weapons of the other PCs) - that's it.
Plus, you can attempt to disarm (or take away... potions, wands, scrolls, cog.crystals,... from) 1 enemy / ML.

Throw enemies into holes? Especially if your GM likes awesome surrounding in fights, there can often be environmental dangers. Like thrusting your guy into a stalactite/mite. Or, if you are going to other planes, into pits of fire/acid

If you're going for blasting I don't think it's worth picking up, considering that barring throwing a person (or people with a combined weight not greater than 250) straight up requires a normal attack roll rather than a touch attack. The gishy psions can kinda make it work, but it's not really ideal for the explodey ones.

It is an awesome power for utility, though. And it's just awesome in general

Throw a person directly upwards, if your fighter type can close, they should get an attack of opportunity if the person lands prone...

Thanks all. Actually, Lashtavar, iirc a ranged attack is only if you throw something at the enemy. If you throw them, it's a will save. So I can chunk nearby objects for a "no save" attack, or chunk the enemy for a "no miss", but save roll attack.

I'm debating on this for the utility. I could throw 5 javelins at the enemy and have a close to a 50% to hit with each for 1d6 dmg per, so 5d6 max. But other blast type attacks will do more than 5d6 for the same cost, with a no miss, but maybe reflex save for half. But... on the 3rd hand, I could pull an enemy off an injured friend(though I also have Time Hop, so can remove the friend easier), attempt to slide a "feared" party member back so they can't run away, disarm opponents (how useful vs just damaging them, though?), clear ledges/walls of archers, attempt to move a protected enemy spellcaster next to our fighter, pull enemies out of cover, etc.

There aren't a lot of blasty type 3rd level powers. Power Cone is nice, but cones don't work well with this group, I'd rather energy missile and wait for power ball.

It's this or energy wall. Energy wall has low damage, but it's usefulness is very dependent on what the enemies do. If they just jump through, then I wasted a lot of power points.

Yeah, but that's what I mean. It'll always be easier to throw your enemy into the air than it will to throw things at them.

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