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Real World Dice

I've got dice sets from Gencon each year for example. And other odd balls like promotional dice given out by different game companies (one was giving out D6s with Chaos symbols on them one year if I recall, that sort of thing).

I consider dice like gamer jewelry

Oh!, man! Forget about the dice. Just buy any and enjoy the game.

And, if you really feel you are being cheated by your dice; then, adapt your stats accordingly. That's all.

Now, where did I put mine?

Well, I bought a set of the "Game Science" dice, just because I felt that I could spare the $15, and they looked pretty, and I was honestly curious.

So, I bought a set from Amazon, got them today, and immediately took a micrometer to the D20. These are the results I got:

1-20: .746
2-19: .745
3-18: .746
4-17: .753
5-16: .748
6-15: .749
7-14: .756
8-13: .749
9-12: .749
10-11: .748
At first blush, they don't seem terribly more "exact" than the Chessex dice I have, but, they do roll much less. As in, they tend to come to a much more expeditious stop. I'm OK with that for now, as they aren't able to try to find the center of gravity in the die. Of course, now I lack any chance to play some pen and paper, so, I don't even get a chance to gather anecdotal evidence for a while.

Well, you have just proven a point to and for everybody benefit. That is, whatever dice you have, expensive or not, you'll get the same kind of roll.

I want also tell something different about dice that is actually true and verified, scientifically, though I don't remember exactly ... well you'll see.

If you take two six sided dice and you roll them together and you put the result on a chart, you'll get, if I am not mistaken (this is where the "I don't remember which is which" comes in), You'll get a curve line, meaning, the probability you get a 7, a 8 or a 9 is higher than the probability you get a 2 or a 12.

If you roll them separately, if I am not mistaken, you'll get a straight line; meaning, you'll get an equal chance to get a 2, a 8 or a 12.

Check it. You'll see.

That's simple mathematics. A single die gets a homogeneous distribution (the straight line), adding dice increases the chance of an average result and decreases the chance of extreme results. The distribution gets a bell shape. The more dice, the sharper the peak in the middle, relative to the total spread.

There is also no such thing as anecdotal evidence when it comes to the randomness of dice. Our brain and intuition are horrible at statistics. We want to see patterns, even if there are none, and we tend to add more importance to extreme or memorable results.
As I mentioned before, the math says that you have to roll and record thousands of times, with several dice to get evidence (with a d4 or d6, you can do it with less rolls).

e.g. you roll a 20 on initiative and on some knowledge check about the monster, and then 1 on a save and a crucial attack. A friend rolls 1 on some second attack and on a spot check, but 20 on an attack which kills of the monster. Afterwards, your brain probably has the impression that your friend rolled much better than you, while in reality, he rolled worse.

A guy I used to game tabletop with had a set of gamescience dice. I couldn't really tell you if they were more random or not than the rest of our less expensive dice, but I do know that he used to drop them a lot, and they were not something you wanted to find by stepping on.

A gamescience d4 to the sole of the foot will give you an additional definition for the word 'pain'.

I honestly don't feel that my set of precision dice is any better then the set I picked up from crystal caste.

I don' t know about precision dice but I do know that the roll of the dice is one of the biggest things that I miss about actual RL table gaming. I haven't played a game RL in over 8 years. I'm loving my games here and having a really good time don't get me wrong but I miss the actual table.

So to bring this subject back up slightly... I just received my order of Q Workshop white and black Forest dice. Amazing quality. I have no idea if they roll accurately or not but they look the coolest of any dice I have seen IRL. Great looking dice that will certainly turn heads. Love em.


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