China - WW2

China - WW2

Theme and StyleThe general idea would be to emulate the feeling of such source material as the original Indiana Jones Trilogy, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and turn of the century adventure novels.

Characters would fill the roles of outsiders of a sort, in China for various reasons, contracted by an outside organization to track down a series of leads and artifacts for them.

For a system, I will likely be using my own home-brew system, which is very easy to pick up and focused on a cinematic action experience, with a heavy focus on character actions and roleplaying. It isn't a tactical rule set, instead focused on the story and making the characters truly stand out as heroes and, if they so choose, villains.

Any takers?

I hate to be the token, 'even-though-you-suggested-a-system-I'm-going-to-suggest-an-alternate-system' guy, but have you checked out Stargazer Games'
Resolute, Adventurer & Genius
RAG? It's a decent system to consider for pulp or noir-era games. I also hear Savage Worlds and Fate are good.

Not that those systems will necessarily help too much but using an established system can help with getting more interest in a game, vs a homebrew system.

Also, for the record I might consider this if I wasn't dedicated to a couple of games already. Looks interesting. I'll be keeping my eye on it.

Would this campaign be set in China or would it be world wide?

It would stay almost exclusively in East Asia. China, Manchuria, South East Asia (India and a multitde of smaller countries) and Eastern Russia, in addition to some central Asian locales.

Doubtful any appearances in the West though.

Well I am up for it. I have checked out the system Fell has built up. Very easy to grasp and learn and work with.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Well I am up for it. I have checked out the system Fell has built up. Very easy to grasp and learn and work with.
Can I get a copy of it?

Originally Posted by Fell View Post
Any takers?
I would like to read a copy of your system before I commit. I'm already running The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in GURPS, so I would like to know how difficult this would be so I can determine if I can spare the brainpower.

I would love to be the douty american Gaijin (sp?) pulp action hero. Kind of a much dumber version of Indianna Jones. I am thinking of some sort of travelling Kickboxer adrenaline junkie. Maybe he could be a pilot part time as well.

Needless to say I am down to play this game. I love play testing home brewed games.

Soul System: a Cinematic Role-playing Game

The Trinity

At it's heart, the Soul System is a tabletop role-playing game centered around the characters. The emphasis in this system is on the Role-playing aspects, as opposed to the "Roll" playing, in many cases being dice free and rules light.

The most basic element of the Soul System is the Trinity, the three core values that numerically represent your characters physical, mental, and spiritual faculties. These three abilities represent untrained ability and raw talent, a natural predisposition towards a particular ability set.

Each of the three values in the Trinity, being Body, Mind and Soul, are comprised of two separate attributes.

The TrinityBody Representing your characters physical endurance, strength, and quickness, body is the measure of how physically your character is able to react in most situations. A high numerical value in Body could represent being highly resistant to damage and disease, quick on your feet, able to lift and move tremendous amounts of weight, or any combination therein.

Body is comprised of Physique and Grace.

When your character takes physical damage, it is drained from the Body pool. If at any point the total of damage to your body reaches the total amount of points in your body, then your character physically fails. This can be as catastrophic as death, as long lasting as a serious injury (such as paralyzation or loss of limb) or any other physical consequence applicable to the injuries sustained.

Physique represents your characters overall physicality. How strong, tough, and resilient they are. A measure of Physique might be how far you can run, how much you can lift, or how quickly you are able to overcome injuries.

Grace is a measure of your characters agility, hand eye coordination and overall dexterity. A use of Grace would be walking across a thin ledge, lining up a perfect shot, dodging any enemy attack, or chasing down a bandit over a series of roofs.

Mind is the core value that represents your characters mental capabilities. It represents two distinct aspects, the part of your character that is educated and trained, and the raw ability of your character to perceive how the world works. A high value in body could represent someone who has gone through an intensive amount of scholastic training, a brilliant prodigy, or any mix thereof.

Mind is comprised of Guile and Insight

As damage is accumulated to ones mind, you slowly lose focus and the ability to think both critical and analytically. While it is fairly easy to both lose, and gain, health in the Body pool, the pools of Mind and Spirit are of a different sort. A lack of sleep, exposure to intoxicants or drugs, loss of blood or even shock at seeing someone killed or injured yourself, could result in a loss of Mind. Rarely will large amounts of damage be dealt, instead coming in slow drops, wearing away at your characters ability to draw on their experiences and think on their feet.

Guile is the attribute that represents your characters natural cunning and proclivity towards deception and other acts of what we traditionally know as "Street Smarts." A character might use Guile to find a black market weapons dealer, trick an adversary into believing a lie, or know when the right time to get out of dodge is. While lacking formal schooling, someone with Guile is inherently smart. People with a high Guile are generally more perceptive in understanding people then machines.

Insight is Representative of a characters understanding the world at large. Mostly coming from school or training of some kind, the Insight attribute allows a character to get some idea of how things work, whether it be the way in which an engine processes fuel, the structure of the human body, the development of languages, or even how people react and develop. People with a high insight are generally more understanding of the science behind something. While they might understand that a person has developed a mental disease, a high Insight does not represent social grace.

Soul is the attribute pool that encompasses your characters faith and sanity. When things get bad, as they most always do, Soul represents your characters ability to keep on going. A character with a high Soul pool would be incredibly hard to keep down, both physically and mentally, being driven to accomplish their goals at nearly any cost. Soul also represents a characters natural leadership ability and charisma. While some leaders may understand the orders to issue, they might lack that spark of life that inspires men to lead them, something a character with a high Soul value would come with.

Soul is comprised of Resolution and Allure

When a characters Soul pool begins to take damage, they often begin to lose that super human determination and grip on reality. Similar to Mind, Soul is a stat that is both difficult to damage and heal, slowly degrading through exposure to elements that fracture and breaks a characters faith and determination. Perhaps seeing an orphanage burned to the ground beings to convince a priest that God really doesn't exist. Or maybe seeing people descend on each other like wolves, even after all the efforts to prevent it, dissuades a character from trying such things again. Soul damage can also occur when exposed to the supernatural, things that go beyond reason and understanding.

Resolution is your characters grit and mental ability to keep on going, despite any barrier or threshold they may have to cross. A character with high resolution would be difficult to dissuade from their goals, and harder to keep down. Spurring them to heroics beyond a normal humans tolerance of pain and suffering, they will complete their goals at any costs.

Allure is the personal magnetism that goes beyond just looks. Your character has the natural ability to interact with others, often ensnaring them in a seeming spell like manner, weaving tales and stories about with a confidence an ease that few have. While you might not know what your are talking about, you certainly brim with the confidence that makes everyone who listens believe that you do.

Now, you may be asking yourself how exactly you make a test in this game.

It is pretty simple, actually!

The game is based off of D6's. Just that one dice. Now, there is a skill system, but it is similar to the Window system in that there isn't any list of skills, instead skills chosen by players representing things their character has been trained an exposed too.

When you make a check, you combine the relevant attribute, either being Physique, Grace, Guile, Insight, Resolution or Allure with the appropriate skill, if you have ranks in it. In this case, we will say your character is attempting to jump between buildings.

Your character has 8 Grace and in 4 Acrobatics. The total being 12.

The jump is an Average Difficult distance. This means you have 3d6 to roll. You then roll the dice. If you get under or equal to your score, you succeed and pass the test. If your total is over the score, you fail the test. Simple as that.

However, context is everything. The game isn't simply pass or fail. If you wrote out an elegant and awesome jumping attempt, you might not plummet to the ground if you fail. Perhaps you cling to the edge, or as you fall you snag hanging close lines. The same goes for a success. If your reply is lack luster, then perhaps you make the leap but lose your footing and stumble forward. You made the jump, as indicated by the dice, but twisted your ankle in the process.

The game rewards good writing and thoughtful posting. Checks are made using one of five difficult levels. Easy - 1d6, Below Average - 2D6, Average - 3d6, Above Average - 4d6, and Extraordinary - 5d6.

Combat is a little different, but ultimately much the same.


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