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Have a question about bites

Have a question about bites

Pc is playing a half orc char with toothy racial subtype he contends that the bite is included in every attack. looked it uyp and there is no great explaination is this true thought he would have to wait till his class gives hium a second attack before as a full round action he could bite and swing the axe?

What game system is this?

Toothy gives him a bite attack. If he's attacking with a standard action (such as moving), he can only attack once, but he can choose if it's his bite or his weapon, but still only gets one attack (barring abilities like pounce etc).

If he makes a full attack, he gets the additional bite attack as a secondary attack, so at -5 penalty from his BAB. He can reduce that to -2 with the feat multiattack

Out of curiosity, do secondary attacks work the same way in D&D 3.5 as in Pathfinder? You only get them on full attacks?

Pretty much. Doing a weapon/bite full attack isn't worth it unless you have the multiattack feat. Even then, it might not be, depending on how much damage the bite does.

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