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Hi there, I'm Riggeem. I GM some random games like D&D and Rogue Trader and a few random Homebrew games. So I hope I'll be able to run some games for you all, and stuff.

YAY! A new GM! We can finally replace some of crappy ones, like Voxanadu, Vox, and The guy above me to name a few.

...By the way Reap, when do you intend to post your character for the Toll of Assassins?

Let me know so I can deny you.

Welcome to Myth-Weavers! I always like to see home-brew games!

OH! Vox I haven't had comp access :3 I'll make something using standard pen and paper and copy it to the weave tonight. I'm probably gonna do something where I get born in with that group that was all "balance and bring in a god of balance again" and then I just kinda realise "meh, this isn't for me" and gtfo there

Ghanistha, the idea is to create your own forum thread :3

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