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Take as Fighter levels.

The Feat talked about earlier, Daring Warrior was my bread and butter when I played a Swashbuckler. It doesn't give you the extra feats, just means you qualify for them using fighter levels.

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Now for what the thread is about. I think the feat is Daring Warrior out of complete warrior that allows you to stack fighter and swashbuckler for various bennies. when i rolled my swash I tended on focusing on mobility and counter attacking with agile riposte and i think the PrC i eventually went into was the duelist just for added fluff but also that the abilities of Swash and Duelist are very similar. but ya I would pick up some high crit weapon like a rapier or scimitar and feat focus on it. Dodge mobility, spring attack, leap attack are all good feats as well and if you dip for scout you could grab expeditious dodge since you want to move alot anyway.
That's kind of what I am talking about. I am not completely for maxing out my character to be uber powerful or anything but I do want to make sure that my character is beneficial to the group. I had planned on making a character that was very mobile, quick but a melee guy. This type of info sounds good.

ya i reread Duelist (it's been like 8yrs since i played that character) not the best choice. I would go with Scout from CA as it has alot to do with mobility plus the 8+Int skills per level is nice for pumping up hide/move silent, search, spot, and survival to become the parties forward scout.

I really miss playing scout, I bet that would be a fun class in PFG.

Scout/Ranger with Swift Hunter is really awesome for a mobility build. One level of Barbarian for Pounce, too, and you're golden.

Could always ask your DM for a rebuild, since you have little experience with D&D. Same character, different build. Most DMs would understand that, I feel.


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