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Free Pen & Paper RPGs

I'm DM'ing a battletech RPG based on the FATE system. You're welcome to use my system. From the standpoint of DM'ing it, the wiki is invaluable, as is a basic knowledge of how the battletech board game plays out.

I really like Old School Hack, great for a short campaign with people that have done a lot of gaming

What type of setting are you wanting to play? I can give you a few for which ever type. I'll recommend Fate, Warrior, Rogue and Mage, or even Labyrinth Lord until I can give more accurate systems.

The system that powers Over the Edge just turned OGL and was named Wanton Role-Playing System (WaRP) it's an interesting system.

Check it out here.

I'll go ahead and through Mutants and Masterminds 3e up.. Not all the way free, but you can get two different quickstarts:

Superboy vs Knockout

Batman vs Bane

They also have the D20 srd to get you going.

Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game is a good one if you like Dungeons and Dragons type games you can find it here BFRPG

Thank you for posting the marvel stuff, i am a huge fan of everything marvel and this is like the holy grail.

Already been suggested but Mini-Six is my simple, fast, do anything you want game of choice. Link in sig.

A "Free RPG" thread that goes this far without mentioning Risus is borderline criminal. It's a simple system that really shakes up a lot of your preconceptions about gaming in a way that The Window wishes it could do. (Sorry, I just have a beef against The Window; it's a bit pretentious and condescending to Inferior Games...and a tad hypocritical.)

All things considered, though, Risus is remarkably flexible and brilliant in its simplicity. The more you think about it, the more interesting the system gets. It's 6 pages of RPG brilliance.


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