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Best/Worst Leadership feat uses.

Best/Worst Leadership feat uses.

Playing as a crazy pc who thinks a dead homunculus and another pc are both gods. He uses the Leadership feat for a Cleric/HighPriestess for a
Church of followers who worship these new "deites"

Anyone else see some fun rp uses for leadership?

Not quite as elaborate as all that, one of these days I want to play a Tibbitt spellcaster, using the Leadership feat to gain a humanoid follower, the Tibbitt can pretend to be a familiar, and the follower pretends to be the brains of the operation when he's really just taking orders.

In one of my games I've speculated using the Leadership feat (which I never wanted but it was a requirement for a prestige class I wanted) and just using the followers to make money and consumable items for me through using their craft and professions.

I've also had the idea of using the leadership feat to recruit a cohort someone who also has the leadership feat (if my DM would let me customize the cohort) to have a small army, however I dropped it and never mentioned it since I'd be crucified and burned if I ever so much as asked if I could do that.

One might also use the feat to make the character pretend to be someone really famous or rich, going around with a large posse to help you draw attention and such.

Yo dawg I heard you like cohorts; so I gave your cohorts cohort a cohort so there'd be a cohort for the cohort of your cohort's cohort's cohort.

I was using my dip into leadership for a continent wide network of spies and informants.

I lead a ship with it but it didn't work

@Greyfeld: great idea, in fact I will try to get myself a game to play in and have the GM work with me on that trick. Fun times.

I've just had an idea that may offend certain peoples so I'm putting it in a spoiler.

I used Leadership to get a Pegasus mount with out having to do the whole buying one and having it trained. Never let someone know you bought a pegasus in a city or nation where slavery is illegal.

I also once used the Leadership feat to get a Gray Render to follow me around. That was fun.


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