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[3.P] Tarot - Witch of Black Rose

[3.P] Tarot - Witch of Black Rose

Anyone knows that comic? What class(es) would you use to build Tarot? PF or 3.5 allowed.
My guess would be some kind of a Gish, maybe Duskblade, but she also casts spells that are kinda beyond the Duskblade's capabilities, so I'm not sure about that.

Well, considering she's a "superhero"-style character from a comic, there's no way to fully capture all of her abilities in a class-based, balanced-around-a-group game, since no character is designed to be able to do everything by themselves, especially starting at lower levels.

From what I read on her Wikipedia entry, it looks like she'd need some sort of armor proficiency, as well as proficiency in at least a longsword. The Magus does the combination of spellcasting and melee combat pretty well, though not sure if it would work so well with her concept of tarot reading and so forth, since Magus spells concentrate more on combat spells than divination magic. Maybe a wizard with their Arcane Bond being with a longsword, then either use a feat to get proficient or be an elf to get automatic proficiency, then the Arcane Armor Training feat (and it's prerequisites), though that would be quite feat-heavy.

An Oracle would also be a good option, since they already have medium armor proficiency (depending on what you would consider her armor from the comics to be considered), so they would only need the longsword proficiency, though not sure what Oracle's Curse would be appropriate for the character. The Lore mystery with the Seer archetype (Ultimate Magic) would work with the whole tarot card reading background.

Seer Oracle into Harrower.

Ye got yerself a Harrow deck, which is basically a tarot deck, and ye got yerself a prestige class based on ye harrow deck.

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