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The Top of the Mountain

Top of the Mountain - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

"Come over here, child. Let me tell you a story."

So many adventurers started just this way, with a grandfather or elder sitting you down and telling you stories of a far-off land with wonderous sights. He would delight you in grand, epic adventurers with untold riches and honor at the end. The good always defeated evil in the end.

Then you grew up, and realized that those stories aren't the way things really are. There is not always untold treasures at the end of an adventure, and often evil did triumph. Sometimes you had to DO evil to accomplish what you set out to do.

Life is not black and white. You learned that very quickly.

So when stories and rumors about activity starting up near the top of Wyvern Mountain, the old stories you heard come back to you. This is the same mountain that myth held had dragons and wyverns and other hordes of monsters. This is the same mountain that held untold treasures, according to some.

But you also know stories aren't the way things really are. You know other adventurers have climbed the mountain, only to return empty handed or not at all.

So, why are rumors about the mountain popping up now all of a sudden? Is there something new inside?

About Myself

I'm old.
I remember walking uphill 3 miles in a BLIZZARD just to play D&D, and we did all the math in our heads!!! I didn't have no fancy com-puter to our sheets -- we used ... a pencil! Young whippersnappers ....

Seriously, I started playing 1st Edition D&D in 1978 when I was 7. My parents bought me a Player's Handbook and encouraged me to use my imagination. 30+ years later, I'm a husband and father to an active 4 year old boy, and free time isn't what it used to be, so this is a nice compromise.

My Philosophy

My philosphy is simple and three-fold.
When a game ceases to be fun, change the game or stop playing.

What this means to me is that the primary duty of a DM is to try to make the game enjoyable, and that's what I aim to do. I'll need the players help, though. If there are suggestions you have, I not only want to know, I expect to know. If I'm screwing up somehow, please tell me. I promise to listen and I take criticism well (after all, I am married). Having said that ...

The rules are a tool for the story. Story will ALWAYS trump rules.

I do not want rulesmongers or rules munchkins. If something a player does is cool and adds to the story, we will make the rules fit it. I will not be a slave to the rules. Also, I'm not a fan of min/max players, which is why I don't want a stat sheet in you submission, but I DO want to see the character. At this stage, I don't care what your Strength stat is -- but I do want to know what makes your character tick.

Rules and stats are important, but they're not important NOW.

To sum it up, if you are a story-first, character-driven team player who loves to create with others and have a good time, I want to talk to you.

What I want

This is a 4th Edition game for 5 characters of 3rd Level.

My submission form for this game will have some unusual questions, and that's designed to try and take you out of your comfort zone and make you think more about the inner workings of your character.

Please feel free to expound as much as you want. You don't have to write a novel, but I do want more than 2 or 3 words per question.

Any questions or suggestion, please let me know. If you would rather answer some or all questions privately, feel free to use private tags or PM me your sheet. A little mystery hurts no one.

... except the DM. I hate mysteries.

--- --- --- ---



--- Answer the following questions in the Voice of your character ---

1. Why are you an adventurer?
2. You have the choice of saving an innocent girl or killing the wizard that holds her captive. Choosing to save the girl ensures the wizard escapes, leaving no trail for you to track. Choosing to kill the wizard ensures the death of the girl. Which do you do and why?
3. How do you like your eggs cooked and why?
4. If you were a king/queen, what would be your first edict?
5. What is your one regret in life?

Game Description:

A 4th Edition Adventure designed for 5 3rd level characters.

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So, I have a character submission.

I've been keeping an eye open for a good game to get back into D&D 4E. This is promising.

I'm thinking of going with an elf/half-elf druid, reviving an old concept. Mechanically, she focuses on the Controller aspects of the role. Thematically, she's a weather druid, listening to the spirit's words on the wind.

Just out of curiosity, can we submit a character sheet if we choose? I completely understand that the character and backstory are what you want more now, but it really helps me to at least get an idea for their mechanical build before I start the character aspect. I like to know where she'll be before I know how she got there.

I build my sheet with out summiting it to the game for ones like this. If I don't get in I usually copy'n paste my app into notepad so I can keep the data for later.

Maybe I should have PMed my character creation.

I hope we are doing core deities since part of the character is for the Raven Queen in a way.

Name: Krivik
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Sorcerer (dragonblood)


Though young by human standards, by the reckoning of his dragonborn kind he is quite mature at 21 years of age. He was raised, as his race are, in a small pack - 3 or 4 mating pairs of adults raising a clutch of hatchlings together in a tribal-like setting. And, though it may be primitive by comparison to human towns, it was an environment steeped in traditions and oral histories. His pack elders, in fact, were well versed in the ways of sorcery - training and controlling the energies - though they themselves had no talent with it themselves. It was simply one of the traditions passed down through generations of their kind. Krivik was taught to hunt, and track, and gather edible plants from the wilderness much as the other hatchlings. Mixed in with this was studying at the feet of the elders of the histories he would one day pass on to his own pack, and the sorcerer's ways as told through the elders' stories.

When the hatchlings reached maturity, the pack was separated, as they always do. Hatchlings and elders scattered across the land, each in search of mates or a place to settle for the remainder of their lives. Krivik soon found himselves wandering into the lands of "civilization", seeing the villages and towns of humans, dwarves, and elves. Though strange, he had heard of them in his elders' stories. He used his magical gifts to gain employment, and with the money he earned he traveled far afield in search of his new packmates.

--- Answer the following questions in the Voice of your character ---

1. Why are you an adventurer?

Because that is what the old ways tell us to do. When a male hatchling reaches maturity, he leaves the pack to go and make a new pack with others the same. So i wander and look to find a mate. Our ways are not complicated, like the mammals. We meet,we mate, we raise the hatchlings, we go our own ways. Until the day I find my future mate, I will use my gifts to help others. Perhaps, once the time of raising young has past, I will go back to wandering.

2. You have the choice of saving an innocent girl or killing the wizard that holds her captive. Choosing to save the girl ensures the wizard escapes, leaving no trail for you to track. Choosing to kill the wizard ensures the death of the girl. Which do you do and why?

To let one die to, perhaps, save another in the future is not a fair trade. If I were to let the innocent perish so that I might stop a death that may not even occur in the future...well, I would be as much to blame in her death as that wizard. And to let her die condemns untold numbers of her offspring...and those hatchlings' offspring. It is never a single death.

3. How do you like your eggs cooked and why?

Why would you eat unborn hatchlings? That is simply...cruel!

4. If you were a king/queen, what would be your first edict?

My first act would be to choose a person more suited to the role. I am no leader. I am a simple man with simple desires. A ruler must be bold, brave, strong of arm and words.

5. What is your one regret in life?

Beyond agreeing to this interview? Hah hah! As I have said, I am but a simple man with simple desires. I have little to regret in my life so far. Regret leads to dark feelings. Depression, anger, fear. Those types of feelings are dangerous when wielding the sorts of energies I have been taught to. They come out in unpredictable ways, and can cause great harm. And, so, I choose not to dwell on such things.

I am relatively interested in this one.

But before I start typing, can I get an idea of tech level for this campaign?

Nice to see someone who started playing DnD from such a young age, I also started playing at a similar time in life, introduced via the wonderful system that was 1st Edition.

Anyway, here is the only 4th edition character that I made that I have enjoyed enough playing to want to use again and again:

Mae Aetri Pixie Monk

I have used this character a number of times, through a number of systems since she is so transportable, but she really shines in 4th edition thanks to there being no damage reduction due to size difference or limit to the number of squares she can push things despite being less than knee high.

Background and History: Mae has a lot of history, being so old that when she was born humans weren't even a thing yet, but she lies and makes up stories about her past so much that it's impossible to actually nail down what is true or not.

Few things about her are actually known fact, and even those could just be illusions she wove when in a mischievous mood. Which is all the time.

1. Why am I an adventurer?

OOC Reason is that Mae is so old and bored with her lot in life, having conquered her empire, raised a family, had great-great-great-etc grandchildren and so forth that she often just wanders the planes looking for interesting fights, fun people, strange circumstances, etc, anything to keep life fresh and unique, occasionally returning to her empire to kick any trouble makers around, and see the family again.

Having locked her impressive innate magical powers away as to make fights interesting again, she now fights with just her mind and sheer muscle, able to tear things a hundred times her size apart if needed.

She is fun to be with, friendly, quick witted, silly, quick to anger, quicker to forgive and she never gives up at anything. Ever.

Also she is a cruel little bitch in a Fae kind of way.

So mostly annoying.

IC reason:

"Adventurer? Mae never considered herself that before!" She said grinning widely and buzzing back and forth in the air like a hornet. "I just go out n' find stuff to do, people to annoy, things to kill n' eat. Not 'sarily in that order." The smile on her face was not comforting, reminding those that see it of the rather twisted nature of the Fae.

"Th' point of life is to have fun right? So Mae does that all the time! I eats when I wants, I fights when I wants, and I never loses, for I am Mighty Mae, Eternal Empress of the Feywilde, the Fist of Terror, she who stalks the night, the... the... uh..." She stopped hovering and paused in the air, gently alighting on the table with a slight sprinkle of pixie dust.

"Mae can't think of any more silly titles t' make up." She said, looking sheepish.

2. Innocent girl or Wizard.

Hard to say, depends how far into battle lust Mae was at the time, she doesn't really care at all about others if they aren't close to her, as capricious barely comes close to describing her nature.

"Mae would do both of course! She would smash that wizards whole tower apart in one blow, just you watch!" She exaggerated wildly before pausing half way through shadow boxing at an invisible tower. "Oh, that would probably crush the girl, I always forget how soft you primes are."

3. Eggs.

"Mae doesn't eat eggs. No fun if your food isn't squirmin' or fightin' back."

4. If I were a queen.

It is always hard to tell if what Mae says is the truth, or bullshit, or even both, what with the twisted nature of the Fae.

"Mae has never been a queen. 'm an empress though! Which is totally better." She said cheerfully. "I took the title when I ate my mothers and took their strength f'my own after a bloody ree-vo-loo-shun, yeah that's it. revolution, that killed nearly 3/4 of my people, it was awesome!"

She looked a bit downcast after saying that. "After that there was no one strong enough left t'challenge me." She said, kicking the her foot against the table gently, and watching it shake. She instantly perked up though. "Found lots of fun things out in the planes though! An' even tho' you primes are soft, n' too tall, n' kinda fat, some of you are good fights too!"

5. My one regret.

"Mae has no regrets! Regrets are fer mortals!" She says, posing with her fists on her hips, wings fluttering behind her. A very dramatic image where she not eight inches tall.

And that is Mae in a nutshell, friendly, helpful*, cruel to her enemies, annoying to her friends, always first into a fight and last out, and never afraid to take crazy risks if it looks interesting.

She can also sneak with the best of them, and has never found a lock she cannot best. She tends to break them.

*for a given value of help.

Churlish, I hate to be a pain, but could you please either shrink the image down or put it in spoilers?

It's very nice, BTW.


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