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Bard Elementalist?

Bard Elementalist?

So due to a picture I found I now have a desire to play a bard (or other music related class) that uses music to summon/manipulate the elements (could be a single element, more would be nice), namely with the his/her instrument. Granted I could do this via Seeker of the Song or Sublime Chord fairly easily but I wanted to reach out to the community and see if someone might know of other builds and/or homebrew that would help with this concept. Another class combo that might make this work is bard/warlock with his powers stemming from an element rather than the usual source.

If someone would want to brew a new class/PrC I've got a few ideas related to that. Perchance making each element related to certain type of performances/instruments for instance.

Granted. Funny how I didn't think of that initially but then I suppose I was focusing more towards applying the elemental bit to my character than to buffing my party mates since I wasn't limiting myself to bard.

Book of Eldritch Might II (by Monte) has a variant bard in it which combines bardic music and spells into one mechanic called Spellsongs. It might have some elemental stuff in it. I lost the book when I moved to my current house, so can't confirm. Fun variant to pay, though.

Hmm... Looked it up and it does look interesting though the damage is sonic based. It does have some interesting PrCs as well.

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