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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

So, headstart begins tomorrow (noon-ish, I believe) tonight at midnight. Who's ready to play? What server are you playing on, and what race/class combo have you decided on? PVP or PVE? Share your thoughts on the game, and what your hopes are for the future!!

Personally, I'm probably going to play on Tarnished Coast. As the unofficial RP server, I like the ability to slip into roleplay when I'm up for it, without getting weird looks from other people. I'm going to probably start with a Charr or Asura, and I really want to try out the Engineer. I'll be playing PVE for a while, but once I've had my fill of that, I'll be playing a ton of PVP.

Head start begins tonight at midnight Pacific, but could start as early as 3 hours beforehand

I'll also be on Tarnished Coast. Look for Dominik, guild leader of the Jesters

Keep an eye out on the internet because they said they could open three hours early. They want to make sure the servers are READY at midnight, so they might try and get all their launch crashes and server problems out of the way as much as possible.

I'm excited. I've been waiting for this game for YEARS and it's finally here. I have not wanted a game this badly in a long, long time. I took all of next week off from work so I could get the most out of it. This is going to be so awesome.

I'll be grabbing my rifle tomorrow morning, I expect. 3AM is a bit late for me to be staying up! (Besides, it's not like it matters if you "reserve" your name early or not, since they just tack on a number after it regardless.)

Actually, the character names are one-of-a-kind. It's your overall account name that has the numbers. If you want a particular name for your characters, you have to snag that in-game. They don't get numbers or duplicates.

Ack! But, even still, wouldn't that mean everyone would be juggling names back and forth as they move around to different servers? I still dunno where I'll end up just yet!

I'm not sure but I thiiiiiiiiiiiink names are unique across the whole game, not just servers. I could be wrong and I have no way to verify this. It just makes sense to me that if you can server-hop freely, then names will have to be completely unique.

Speaking of account names, mine is NikTheJester.2493 if anyone wants to add me.

I am going to Tarnished Coast as well, I am totally new to GW and I am sort of stepping almost blind into the game.

However, I like the concept of the Mesmer so I am going to try it first, then maybe the thief.

Gonna play mostly PVE and a little of PVP.

This image might help you get an understanding of what you'll be getting into:

Definitely give a class a try before you decide whether or not you like it. I have never enjoyed the Warrior type in most MMOs but when I played Warrior in GW2 it was really fun. Same thing with Necromancers. I wasn't fond of Warlocks in WoW or Necros in GW1 but GW2 necros are crazy fun.

The main thing to remember is most of the classes that look familiar on the surface are much different in GW2 because the nature of the gameplay is different from most other MMOs. Thieves do not play like the WoW-formula rogue. Guardians are not the same as WoW paladins.

Also remember that any class can fill any role. I have made a Necromancer who is support-focused, and a Ranger that does melee damage. GW2 roles play in a very different box from WoW, so keep that in mind when trying things out

Also, the Avatar reference and the Nightcrawler reference are spot on.


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