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1001 things I'm not allowed to do.

400) Not allowed to bet, Final.
3401) Not allowed to take Profession: Chef in an evil campaign. Even if you aren't one everyone thinks you're a cannibal.
402) While I am allowed to recreate Matrix things with magic, I am not allowed to take red and blue pills, even if I have the alchemy skills.

404) Not allowed to abuse the D&D economy by cutting ladders into 10' poles.
405) Not allowed to abuse the D&D economy by casting Flesh to Salt on cows. Or anything else.

406.) I am not allowed to move my expected recruitment date forward, back is acceptable. Forward is not an option, it ticks applicant's off. No matter how many applicants want me to recruit as soon as their app is done.

407)I am not allowed to make swashing and buckling jokes when the swashbuckler makes a dramatic scene.
408)I am not allowed to make more than 5 references to anything while in character.
409)I am not allowed to play a Barbarian.
410)I am not allowed to use steampunk games as an excuse to play a mech piloting character.

411) No, a ring of regeneration and adamantium daggers strapped to my hands do not make me a mutant.
412) Not allowed to play "Pulp Fiction" with a hand crossbow.
413) Must refrain from referring to the party cleric as "Band-Aid Man", "Dr. Feelgood", or "Buff-Bot".
414) The Yuan-ti are not amused when I trick them into going though a dimensional gate solely for the purpose of making a "Snakes on a Plane" joke.
415) Yes, the female Yuan-ti does get offended when you call her "snake-tits".
416) Not a good idea to taunt the vampire lord with "Yeah, well I heard you sparkle like a little fairy bitch!"

417 No going into the local graveyard to raise the dead before setting off on a mission (locals will not be happy to see their loved ones wandering around calling out "braaaaains").

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