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Favorite Magic Equipment?

I don't remember the details to well but i do recall a campaign that was birthed from a single mishap of a friend. somehow or another he pissed off Odin All-father who in turn screwed my buddy out of some loot. The dude made it his mission to hunt down the legendary artifact The Left Eye of Odin to, as he put it, "stab it with my knife" so six months go by in this game they finally found the eye in some dungeon and fight through traps and monsters galore to get to this thing. elated the group moves to collect their hard won treasure when my buddy tells the gm he steps up pulls a knife and stabs it squarely in the pupil. then he turns cleans the knife with his cloak and walks out of the room. i think we laughed for a good 10 mins cause this guy was hellbent to find this thing and we all assumed it was to steal it and gain the power. nope he really just wanted to stab it.

Time to contribute to my own thread, Decanter of Endless Water. Just used it as a warforged as I was sinking in the ocean to boost myself back to the surface.

Ring of Cantrips. Any cantrip is awesome as an at will ability, and that for 900 gp. You could even have the attack cantrips become rings.


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