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When to Admit a Game's Dead?

Yeah, I think that if I were GMing a game, I'd declare it dead when the players weren't really responding and I didn't have the energy to re-recruit

Originally Posted by bazzarr View Post
I know about real life stopping you from posting, I live in christchurch, and the earthquakes a year and a half ago cut our power/internet for 3 days, with some people out for a 2 weeks. But yes, if they are still posting on other forums, but not in your game, I can understand the game been dead, Not sure about players, the games I've been in that failed were due to the GM never posting.
I used to live in Chch myself, and always preferred to play in person rather than PbP or PbE. But you're right - if people aren't playing in *your* game but they are playing in others, you need to go through a multi-stage process.
1) Were the players and the game suited to each other?
2) Was the game the one they wanted to play?
3) Were there problems in the group?
4) Were there problems between the GM and the players, or vice versa?
5) Was the game just not interesting enough, for one reason or another?
6) Did something earthshaking happen that may have caused players to reassess playing?

If the problem is (1), you need to either change the game or change the players. Some players just don't match some games.
If the problem is (2), do the same. If I sign up for a game of Traveller and you walk in with D&D 3.5, I'm not interested.
If the problem is (3), re-recruit or else ask the problem players to leave. If the group disappears, it's usually because they think you don't care, or that they think you're on the side of the problem player.
If the problem is (4), you have to reassess yourself. Are you the problem? If so, getting new players isn't going to help. If the problem is with the players, re-recruit. If there are players you like and respect, get them to suggest who you should look for.
If the problem is (5), you need to look at the game. Re-think it, based on the feedback. How can you improve it?
If the problem is (6), it's something outside the game and therefore outside your ability to control. Just re-recruit.

Now, in Chch, (6) happened. Literally. There is nothing you can do about this.


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