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Pally/Ranger Build

Pally/Ranger Build

So i have been reading up on Paladins in various handbooks as i am rolling two paladins in various RL games. The one build that keeps cropping up is the Devoted Tracker. So far all the forums i have read don't like the pure paladin and advise either multi-classing or PrCing asap and the one that stands out to me is the ability to designate the special mount as the rangers animal companion. so here's the question: If i want the mount as a companion what are my options and how would i go about capitalizing on it?

Oh ya one game is starting at lvl 8 and the other at 4. any help i could get for either would be great.
the level 8 is a Dragonborn from 4e retooled for 3.5 (gm is great that way) and his stats are listed here feats and what not are not locked in yet so any changes are fine the armor and equipment are locked in at the moment. the level 4 is for the module "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil" and is a clean slate with a point buy system of 32 points all stats starting at 10 with one stat allowed to be reduced to 8.

Ranger 5 / Pious Templar 1 / Prestige Paladin 2

You need the Pious Templar to get the divine Protection from Evil for Prestige Paladin (which gets the special mount at level 2).

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