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Speed Factor

Speed Factor

I figure those that played 2E will have recognized the title

I've heard people say that speed factor was too complicated, but I liked the flavor that brought to choosing a weapon. Now, in 3.5, we look at damage, range, crit threat. Most melee weapons are nearly identical, which makes me sad face. I liked the complexity of choosing weapons and the balance that brought. I never thought it was that complex.

What are the arguments on this subject? I'd be tempted to bring it back if I ever DM'd a game.

Wait, speed factor doesn't exist in later editions? (2e is the latest I've played.)

Edit: I didn't really answer your question, I'm afraid! I always saw speed factor as so integral to a weapon, I can't imagine being without it! Speed can really matter at times, especially when you're both getting toward your last legs!

I like it as well, but I'm not using it much on MW because ranking individual combatants in initiative will hold up the game.

I add it to my Classic games when I use individual initiative. I like it.

My group dumped it back in the day, but at this point (substantially more than 20 years later) I can't for the life of me recall what the specific objections were.

We tried it a few times but eventually dumped speed factors as a bother to play with. Can't say they ever made much sense to me the way they were set up anyway. Its a MINOR inconvenience though so I wouldn't have trouble playing with them. We also didn't bother with the individual armor class modifications for each weapon because that was a fair amount of crosschecking and page turning.

I liked it, but then I really liked weapon vs armor type adjustments too. The two combined made the decision on what weapon to use in what situation a lot more interesting. After those disappeared, weapon choice got dull, as there was no reason to use a lot of the weapons.

The thing that bugged me the most about it was that none of it mattered 85% of the time. Only if you fought creatures with specific equipment did it ever matter.

I saw different weapons being used back then. Now, you kinda need a reason to use half of them. I liked that flavor. I've heard people say they dumped it because of complexity.

Not sure I understand that. Once you got into the flow, you had your inits down quick. Now, I have to keep track of dex bonuses, improved init, flatfooted, etc.

On table top, you can run it like bingo. Roll for each side and each combatant adds their speed factor to the roll. Then count down from 20 and when your number's called, take your action. Not all that complicated, but not practical for a PBP.

EDIT: I mean count up from zero, not down from 20.


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