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Power Level and Playability

Power Level and Playability

Just kind of a general feel from the readers- what's the lowest power level you'd consider playing with in a MnM game? Assume that the power level "norms" are as specified in the books, and assume that there are superheroes in the world, but they're not common. Also assume 15pp per level (although for argument sake, up to 20 per level can be considered).

Personally, PL2-4 feels bleh to me, and 5 is meh. 1 would be amusing for the trainwreck factor, and 6+ because then things blow up real good.

If its a superhero game generally PL 6 is the minimum. I want my power bolts to do more damage then a 3rd graders slingshot (yes I'm exaggerating).

I concur on PL6 being the lowest I find playable. Lower than PL6 usually seems to entail changing or adjusting rules. More pp/level and/or altering various caps.

Norms should probably be 5 or less depending on how "normal" they are.. If you go by book stats, the supporting cast section is a good place to start.. Normal people seem to be power level 1.. Looking at the Reporter and Scientist stats, though they're a little generous with the points.. When you get to the guys like SWAT team, soldiers, and other "trained" people they go up to PL 5 and that seems like the max for people you could probably describe as "normal"

If you're going to go really low on the PL, I'd be generous with the points so people can still have some reasonable abilities and some skills to help make a character work..

A police officer is PL 4. A SWAT officer is PL 6. I'd like to think that starting PCs are at least that level of competency, so I wouldn't do much below PL 6.

Lowest I ever played was PL 5, and it felt very human. I would recommend it for a street level, Sin City sort of setting, but any character with actual powers should be PL 6-7 at minimum.

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