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Rules for character creation:
Level 7.
PrCs allowed on both sides.
Dual PrCs (like Mystic Theurge or Arcane Trickster) allowed.
Abilities 18, 16, 14, 14, 12, 10.
Two flaws, two traits.
Max HPs.
WBL as a 7th level PC (19k).
No item can cost more than 1/4 of the WBL.
Custom items allowed, but the DM has to approve first.

I want to create a shapeshifter. Power isn't really that important. As long as it will be decently optimized (T3), I'm satisfied.
It would be great if he could be beast at melee combat, but also have some capabilities outside of fighting.

My build looks like this:
NE changeling Wildshape Ranger 5 / Master of Many Forms 2 // Whirling Frenzy Spirit Lion Totem Barbarian 1 / Warblade 1 / Swordsage 2 / Warshaper 3.
Abilities (with Warshapers Morphic Body bonus added): Str 14, Dex 12, Con 22, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 14.

In two levels I'll be Warshaper 5, which will give me effectively wildshaping at-will (I use Wild Shape and for the next couple of hours I can change forms as I please thanks to Multimorph).

I need to change Animal Companion to something more useful.

Any suggestions/ideas/advice concerning my concept/build?

The other side of the Gestalt is Chameleon. Or Straight up Factotum. Changeling Factotum. Your on the spot adaptation would be very silly. STEALTH? OKAY I TURN INTO A BAT AND BURN ALL MY INSPIRATION POINTS TO SNEAK ATTACK HIS FACE. ASSASSINATIONS? I TURN INTO A MINOTAUR THEN USE MINOR SHAPECHANGE TO APPEAR AS A LITTLE GIRL THEN PUMMEL THEIR FACES WITH MY LITTLE GIRL HANDS. And since you wildshape all the time, you can dump physical stats and pump up your mental ones likes there's no tomorrow.

Not to criticize, but why martial adepts?

Other side... means which side?

Martial adepts because the character is suppose to be good a fighting and you can't go wrong with ToB. Also I like ToB.

Gestalt right? Start as Wildshape Ranger/Factotum, then PrC to MoMF as usual. Factotum isn't really a combat class, but it let's you get around the awkwardness of having fixed combat abilities together with your malleable wildhape. Though shadow-jaunting ninja cats sound hilarious too.

Yes, gestalt, but I'm not sure which side do you mean.
Regardless, I don't really have levels for Factotum. Wildshape Ranger is required for MoMF and MoMF is important in this build to get more forms to change into. On the other side there's Warshaper which also is very important. And martial classes are overall better for combat. On later levels I will progress MoMF on first side. On the other side it will be 2 more levels of Warshaper, then we'll see how it goes, probably Swordsage or Warblade.

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