Vampire's of Sacramento (Char Crea Thread)

Vampire's of Sacramento (Char Crea Thread)

This is the thread for players making Vampires from Sacramento, this includes the Primogen character. Please place all comments, questions, and so forth, into this thread.

Relevant Knowledge for Sac Vamps

Your Vampire's are being sent to Sacramento, either willingly or directly by the Prince, to Los Angeles to aid the cities Prince in dealing with mounting Anarch troubles. Los Angeles does have minor Sabbat activity, so any Vampire good with Sabbat could easily be sent along. All of the vampires will have made a name for themselves in Sacramento, thus will have been chosen by the Prince to undertake the mission.

Everyone being sent will have some kind of skill(s) set(s) that will prove useful. Combat centric skills are fine, but you must be able to perform in the social arena just as well, as this game is social centric.

Relevant Information for Gangrel Primogen

The previous Gangrel Primogen stepped down and left LA. The clan is not happy about this, largely because of the mounting tension with the Anarch Baron Fausto threatening to pull them into the conflict, let alone the whole Camarilla presence in LA. The Gangrel want a strong leader, someone who will be a capable leader - also a strong voice in the Primogen council meetings, as well as when speaking with the Prince.

Knowledge of Other Primogens

Any Elder strong enough and trusted enough to be made Primogen will know about, my character, Elantris, Primogen of the Toreador. She is of high Humanity, a rarity among Kindred, and is wealthy beyond anyone's dreams. She keeps mostly to herself and her club. Her financial donations to the Camarilla are not well known, but it is known that she is considered a very important member of the Camarilla and Elder's as a whole because of her commitment to preserving the Camarilla.

Another interesting fact is that she doesn't make it well known that she is a Primogen. The majority of the Kindred in L.A. don't even know she is a Primogen. They just know her as the gracious, kind, and friendly hostess of the Red Rose club.

About the Gameplay Style

While I do have a main story-plot, this will be a lot like a sandbox style game. It will easily allow for character development.

The Primogen's will hopefully create a more politically charged environment in which to play in, added onto what already exists.

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