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Comic Book Wednesdays, What did you get?

No Gail Simone. I think the Birds of Prey was at its best then. On that topic I really miss the Secret Six. 52 lost a really good book.

Gail Simone.. If she wrote the dictionary, I'd read it cover to cover

BoP has still been okay though.. Katana's decent, Poison Ivy is fun, Starlet's growing on me, and I'm a big fan of Dinah.. Missing Oracle (and Gail for that matter)

Hammie ended up getting a copy of the new Birds of Prey and it is a solid three out of five stars for me. Solid, decent, but nothing to blow your socks off. Still, I'm waiting to get the earlier stuff Gail wrote for birds of prey, so we will see.

Reactions will come later. This will be like someone making an "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" joke to some of you here but dangit, Hammie needs to see what the fuss is about, outdated or not!

While I'm not sure if I'm as rabid about Gail as Witchslasher there with the dictionary thing but I certainly agree that if you can find any Gail Simone stuff... PICK IT UP.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the current BoP lineup. I love Ivy a baddie. Not sure how I feel about the current turn around, even though I dont expect it to last for long. The others outside of Dinah I really dont have a emotional investment in so I wouldnt lose sleep if they swapped out.

*Smacks head* I can't believe I went with "Starlet is growing on me" when I could've said "Poison Ivy is growing on me"... I fail at puns!!

After seeing Poison Ivy in Arkham City, I want to see her back as bad again, too..

I'm going to have to agree. She's a villain. She's great as a villain. I'm used to rooting against her.

Every now and then there comes a character that can straddle that line (like Catwoman) but generally characters are better off as either good or evil. IMHO many people have tried and failed to make a character 'morally gray' since that's been 'trendy' (how many video games proudly claim to give 'morally gray' material, etc) but end up making one that leans one way or the other. Every trend eventually exhausts itself eventually.

We should root against Ivy but like her Maybe she'll do something later on...we'll just have to see.

EDIT: And just because I forgot to say it earlier...EMO EMO EMO EMO! These dang kids! Grr! Get off my lawn!

Just got
BoP#4 and it has potential Haven't read it yet and have my doubts about Babs sticking around though..

Time to revive a comic thread.

First year of the new DCU is coming to a close. Which are the keepers?

Valiant Comics are back. Which ones are you reading?

I just read the first three Harbinger issues. It is pretty good so far. I'm not crazy about the art but the story has me for now.

I missed the first issue of Archer and Armstrong. I'll have to drive a bit out of my way to find it. Hopefully it will be worth it.

XOManowar was my favorite of the first run and I'm not disappointed with the relaunch.

Bloodshot is the title I passed on. I didn't care for it before and doubt I would have changed my mind now.

Any other opinions?

Valiant is back? Oh my. Some folks just don't learn. The speculator market they helped create is dead, dead, dead, which means they'll have to find something better than variant zero issue covers to drive their sales this time.


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