Avatar the Last Airbender: Spirit Guards

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Avatar the Last Airbender: Spirit Guards

Avatar the Last Airbender: Spirit Guards - Forum
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Estimated Members Requested: 1

Freeform Avatar World

This will be my first Freeform campaign in quite awhile. Its been a long time in coming. Many of you may remember me. If you don't, you'll get to know me (hopefully). I love Freeform and helped get it to its current place on the Weave. Now I am glad to be back and able to get a game like this going once more.

This idea was created before I watched Legend of Korra. After watching only the first episode, I realized I had inadvertently copied, in a way, what the creators already did concerning the White Lotus guarding the Avatar. However, my world and plot will not be like the show. The Spirit Guards withstanding, the world and plot will be entirely different - so please no comments about the similarities. Thanks.

Dualbender and the Spirit Guard

A Dualbender is a living reminder of the power granted by the earth itself and the spirits who watch over humanity for better or ill. A Dualbender has no rival as the ability to bend two elements creates awesome potential. Only the Avatar stands taller.

The Spirit Guard is a warrior of the Spirit Guard order, formed from the talented and rare Dualbenders. They exist to serve and protect the Avatar. Honor, and a strong will to preserve the balance, guide their actions and provide them with a strength unmatched.

The world is no longer what it once was. The One Hundred Year war changed everything, in ways not even Sozin himself could have dreamt of. Not even the mighty Avatars of generations later, fully realized what was happening until it had already rooted itself firmly. Bending has been reshaped, with the old melded into the new. They are one in the same, as not every bender is a Dualbender. A new future awaits and the Dualbending Spirit Guards are the vanguards.

Positions Available

1 primary Firebender (secondary element is players choice). The other elements are taken.

HoweverI am tempted to run a second group of Spirit Guards if interest is strong enough to support a second group. If you really want in but can't snag the Firebender position, keep a sharp eye out for if enough people put in for a second group. Maybe then you can get another bender. It will consist of One Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. The reason for this is Lore-based; which you can find in the forum under Spirit Guard information.

Please divert your attention to the Forum for information concerning the world. Character sheet template is in the Character Creation Thread.

When This Starts

I hope to start no later than by the end of this week, sooner is much preferred. I already have two players waiting. I had anticipated the third sooner, but that didn't go as planned. Don't rush, but don't lollygag either.

For Second Group: If a Second group is decided upon, then there is no need to hurry. I only want the first game started as soon as possible.

What To Expect From This Game

I will be running this game much like the original series. It will have the main-plot and plenty of detours serving as distractions. This, will however, be a more 'mature' version of the world. There will be room to explore more mature elements (with site limitations of course). I expect characters that reflect this atmosphere. No Avatar clones. Similarities are fine, and understandably unavoidable as we try and emulate our favorite characters. Just at least try and be 'original', as much as can be done anyway.

This will not be a reflection of the way the world was in Korra. I am attempting to maintain a more fantasy feel to the world. It was what helped to capture my imagination from the first episode. (For those worried about the Fire Nation, continue reading.)

I wish I could reveal more about the plot, but it would give too much away to say anything. Rest assured the plot will be good and full.

What I Expect From Player(s)

I will be rather uncompromising in who I choose for this game. Please keep that in mind. I want a good story and thus I want a good writer. Freeform requires a larger amount of detail to accomplish what rules and dice usually cover. This is a good thing, but it does mean more weight is placed upon the player. I personally relish the challenge. Do you?

Please view the Character Creation Thread for questions, comments, etc. The other players, including me, have been discussing our characters. If you have any private information and don't want others to know, use private tags.

For individual characters, I ask that a personal plot-line be added. It doesn't need to be public knowledge. My characters plot-line is a secret. So is another players. Just have something that I can weave into the game for us all to enjoy and add richness to the campaign.

This is optional, but I would ask for additional ideas to be contributed. The more we have to do, the better and longer this game shall be.

Things to Keep in Mind

This campaign may or may not be for you for a number of reasons. Please keep this in mind. It is a custom world with changes. Ask questions. I am happy to answer.

-I will be maintaining a more fantasy feeling to the game, with less steampunk influence.
-The Fire nations technology will not be removed, but instead kept at a similar level as in the original cartoon (maybe less in certain aspects).
-Benders will be uncommon, not every day folk as in Legend of Korra.
-There will be plenty of individuals or groups made up of none-benders who can still give a bender a run for his money, if not beat a bender.
-The things I have created are (should be) lore friendly. I did my best to blend them in seamlessly, so they don't feel awkward or not apart of the world.
-Ultimate forms of bending will not be common. Such as Lightning, Metalbending. They will be very hard to learn and rare. Spirit Guards can learn the ultimate forms, unless a player elects not too.

Game Description:

A fanfiction take off of the cartoon Avatar the Last Airbender.

The umbral darkness encases me. Bathing me in a chilling, loving embrace. Darkness blinds. Darker than blackest night. I feel a change. My eyes, they churn, I cringe. I can see. The beautiful umbral invites me to enjoy all of its delights - I accept.

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After reading through all your background stuff all I can say is give me a couple hours and I'll have a character ready for submission.

A nice flamboyant fire/air bender I think. So would you like the app posted in the character creation thread?

Yeah sure. Put it in spoilers. Then I'll take a look see at what you got. Oh! Heh, almost forgot to mention. If he can be rather social that would be nice. Once you take a look see over the current party members, you'll know why I mention it -chuckles-. Normally I don't ask things like that, but our party by accident is a little (not horribly so) socially off kilter. We could use a more able bodied Firebender to compliment the Airbender - he's the only social member so far - well capable socially anyway.

This goes for any Firebender applications. It wouldn't make sense for the party to be lacking in such a vital area - especially considering their mantra of balance.

Heh. If either of you aren't chosen, you can try again for the second group if things shape up in that direction.

I do have pdfs for the Avatar corebook and a character sheet, if you do not have them already. Can't remember exactly what system it is modeled after though. Just though I would throw it out there for resource potential.

I'm running this Freeform, no system. If you want to use the system as merely a guide to help you create a character, that's works. I have my own character sheet template in the forum. Lastly, I provided a link to the Avatar Wikia, for use in character creation.

Thanks though.


I've just about chosen the Firebender for the first group. If anyone else is interested in joining, I'll get a second group going. For the sake of interest, if people want to be a group independent of the Spirit Guards, I'll consider it depending on what it is. I think at least 2-3 people would be best for the second group. I'll be playing it by ear.

Understand completely. My life is too erratic right now to be dedicated to a PBP. Will be here if ya need anything though. Hope it goes well.


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