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Free Pen & Paper RPGs

Originally Posted by CarpeGuitarrem View Post
All things considered, though, Risus is remarkably flexible and brilliant in its simplicity. The more you think about it, the more interesting the system gets. It's 6 pages of RPG brilliance.
It is indeed easy to pick up and play, which is nice... but after playing it a couple times, my group concluded that the basic conflict resolution mechanic just isn't very good. You can add bells and whistles to try and conceal that, but then you start to lose the simplicity that was its best (perhaps only) selling point to begin with.

I tend to prefer Wushu as far as free rules-light RPGs go, though it has its flaws too.

Anyway. Other stuff, let's see... there are a couple free versions of the Fate system: the generic FATE, Spirit of the Century (tailored for pulp adventure), and Diaspora (tailored for hard sci-fi).

Lady Blackbird

This game is so very simple, and so very good.

Ooh! I didn't know Diaspora had a SRD! Thanks!

I didn't know Spirit of the Century did. Also thanks!

I have to give Spirit and generic Fate the two thumbs up as well. Not as simple as Mini-Six but I include a lot of Fate concepts into my Mini-Six. Very, very good system.

Originally Posted by leons1701 View Post
Ooh! I didn't know Diaspora had a SRD! Thanks!

WHAT?! Aside from the fact I picked the hardcover off oh Lulu on release day, I also made extensive use of the SRD. Diaspora was the first step in a now long and strong run of new Fate games.

You can also find the beta version out there, Spirit of the Far Future.

Nearly all of the old West End Games core d6 game is open game now and can be obtained for free from many places.

Here is one now.

It's a fairly easy system to master.

scroll down and grab the core rules bundle to start, but all of the free books have been useful for expanding my campaigns (When I'm not concentrating on GURPS anyway).

I worked for 4 years on my own design project, Threshold: Tragic Superheroes, and it's available for free on my website.

Threshold: Tragic Superheroes

It's a game of terminal patients being given superpowers. Each character has a Regret they want to resolve before they kick the bucket, but they're also working missions for the company for whom they are taking the experimental drug. It may not be for everyone as the system is designed to be rather lethal. But it's a fun game and the mechanics are very simple to pick up.


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