Command and Control

Sarah turns a scrutinizing eye to the major, carefully assessing her. She steps a little closer to the other woman and pulls her aside for a brief moment, allowing the others in the tent to make their way to the transport rings. "Major, have you gotten any sleep these last two nights?" she asks critically, but in a hushed voice. "You need more sleep, not more coffee. We've all got so much caffeine in our systems that I don't think any of us can drink enough coffee to keep us going anymore. I'm not a big fan of this, but if you truly can't sleep, I can get you something. We need you on your game." She gives the woman a sympathetic look and says a little more loudly, "Don't worry too much about the Brain, he's mostly harmless." as a small grin plays on her lips.

Sarah watches as a few of the others duck out of the command tent into the cold, snowy outdoors, then when an opening presents itself, she ducks out herself, shivering and cursing removing the extra layers of clothing that she routinely wore for warmth around camp. Pack full of medical supplies on her back, she trudges over and steps into the transport rings and flashes Klaus a nervous smile. She was excited to get out of camp, excited at the opportunity to get north, and wholly uncomfortable with the whole ring transport idea.

Once all the nerds and goons are inside the rings, Klaus jabs the control button and sends the team up north...

Eileen sighs as Captain Morgan proves...unusually perceptive. And nods once in response. "...I'll talk to you about that when we get back," she says quietly, before heading up to the rings and stepping within, looking not at all unnerved by the prospect. Familiarity, and all that...


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