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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Greetings Weave,

I recently realized that I have never formally introduced myself to this community and would like to rectify that situation. So hi. I am me. I play RPGs and RPG-TBS games here as well as leaping into discussion on worldy topics without properly gathering links to the websites of other people who share my opinions and beliefs. I also post multi-word responses in the word association thread. Well, that's about all for now. Hello Weave, and [insert culturally appropriate well-wishes here].

I can't believe nobody welcomed you its usually my job but I've been a little down without Voxanadu to aid me :3 Welcome to the weave. Please enjoy your stay. May it be long and prosperous, and may you weave many myths about fake people.


Please allow me, to introduce myself. I am a man of wealth and taste.

I hope you've guessed my name.

What's troubling you, is not the nature of my game... but the fact we've met before.


Hard Introducing
To Someone Already Known
The effort took time

Thanks for all the welcomeness though. It's got those little warm fuzzies in it that make stuffy people sneeze.

But to have sympathy for the devil whilst at the same time extending my much more opaque play on the song? I didn't feel that that bit about wealth truly fit me however, so I left it out.

Ah... I see. I've only a wealthy soul or many of them. I think I'll start a collection of souls. Would you like to be one?

Am I not already a collection of souls? I suppose that it would depend greatly on how you treat your things. If all of your toys are shattered and broken then it is different then if they are in mint condition in their boxes on the shelf. Ownership has no meaning if it is never enforced.


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