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Greetings and Salutations!

Greetings and Salutations!

Greetings fellow gamers, I'm one who enjoys options and variety, so gurps is my game. I'm a lover of the arts, and all things anime/manga. I enjoy writing poetry, and listening to rock of all subtypes.

I hope to find many good gamers here with whom I may even become friends with outside the forums.

I am unsure what else to say, so I guess this is goodbye!

ta ta for now!

-- Aurel Jaeger

Welcome to a truly amazing role-playing and storytelling site!

Welcome to the weave! we sell cupcakes *smacks cupcake out of Vox's mouth* STOP EATING THE STOCK! as I said, we sell cupcakes here *picks up the cupcakes, cuts out the bitten bits, and wipes off the dirt* this ones still okay! *pushes it into your hands* that'll be $75. we accept Visa and Mastercard! Please leave your Social Security Number with the clerk behind the counter. VOX GET BEHIND THE COUNTER!

*throws cupcake at Vox's face* there! happy now? You're scaring away all my customers :'(

*eats a cupcake* Oh yeah? did that one?

while n <100
*eats another cupcake*
n= n+1

"WHAT ABOUT THAT ONE?... damnit... now I ate all my stock..."

...Yeah, but not mine. I've more than 100,000,000...

On a side note... do you attend my college? Cuz i was programming in C all last quarter.

Hello. welcome and awesome to meet you. this site is the biz niz. you'll love it. From my short experience with this site everyone has been top notch. have a good one and hope to see ya around

No :3 and I do java. And I'm still in highschool. what college do you attend? I'll add it to the list of places I should apply.


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