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howdy howdy all

i have a question do either of you know of a starter pbp game running or if they offer that here? also i need to find a grammar police program lol. i read some of the info on the pbp help link and i'd hate to have my character die do to bad grammar

Not off the op of my head. One was just recruited and started, but it's the DM that offers it.

Most DMs are open to people new to pbp, jus let them know when you're applying.

*floats in from the cieling* also, it might not be a bad idea to personally seek out a DM and ask him to run you through a solo "tester" just to get your head wrapped around the PbP process. its fairly light in terms of DM workload, so I'm sure a few out there will be willing to do it for you. Not a sure bet though.
I'd recommend asking lots of questions of the DM and getting deeply involved with your application process. Its hard to turn someone down that you've really come to know throughout the Ad process. DM's tend to lean towards familiar faces. After all, if you have no love for a player, how can you love their character?

not much just wanted to say howdy. I apped to my first PbP. Cross your fingers lol. maybe I'll get a green light.

Nice, make sure you chat in the OOC.

If you can build a good relationship with the other players and the DM, it shows the DM that you're likely to stick around. Making him/her a bit more likely to recruit you.


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